Why I Chose to Massage My Child Myself

I so vividly remember the lady who would come home to massage my little brother. I was 10 then. She would rigorously massage him with dripping oil and giving literal masterstrokes all over his body. It was as if she was venting out all her pent up anger on him!My little brother would occasionally cry and the massage lady (we called her tai) would smile with a sense of achievement convincing us that her masterstrokes were actually stimulating his growth. That is the way apparently I was massaged as well and so was my mother.A couple of years ago I had been to Nisargopchar Ashram in Pune and that is where I met a lady in her early nineties who happened to share something that changed my perception of those heavy massages for children. She told me that all along we have been wrong in massaging our little ones. The massage ladies are not trained most often than not and the massages they give are in fact all wrong. Their strokes are damaging the tissues and the fragile muscles of a child.Why I chose not to have a tai for my childApart from the reasons above, we need to understand the importance of the sense of touch for a child. And massage by far is the most recommended activity that extends this sense of touch in a way like no other.


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 Preparing myselfTo be honest, there was nothing to prepare and massaging a child is only about lightly moving your hand all over his body. The harder you press, the more risk you run of damaging his tender body. According to the lady I met at the ashram, we see so many of us suffering from back and knee aches has its roots somewhere into the massages we received as children. I chose coconut oil for its various benefits. At times I would also use Dabur Lal Tel but that would be just twice in a week or so.  Dabbing some oil in between my palms, I would begin from her feet. Lightly moving my hands upwards. Each action was repeated thrice. If you are gently massaging your child, there is no right or wrong action in it. Do not rub your child’s skin nor apply pressure. It is all about gentle strokes. The knees is where you need to massage with circular motions.That is it. Do not smear the child in oil and especially her face.Benefits of Massaging your Child YourselfTouch and Feel: For your child it satiates the sense of touch and for you it gives you an opportunity to literally ‘feel’ your child. It is amazing to see the reaction of your little one. The way she would suddenly squeak with laughter and give out a shrill. It is amazing!  You will be able to gauge post a few massages, the strokes your child enjoys the most and is most comfortable with.ConvenienceExpecting your child to be awake or in the best of spirits to accommodate the schedule of the masseur is not too wise a thing to do. Yes, a routing has to be maintained but it cannot be at the cost of waking up the child if she is sleeping just for a massage. If you chose to massage your child yourself, you do not have to worry about maintaining a strict massage routine for your child.Avoiding Negative Energy The masseur may have had a terrible day and she may have come to massage your child with a lot of negative energy all pent up inside her. Massaging is completely and solely about ‘touch’. There are quite a few chances of the negativity passing on to her. You really don’t want that to happen, right?It is Therapeutic Indeed it is! Try it once. Having your bare baby on your legs and spending time with her engaging in an activity that makes her smile  / laugh and gives you an opportunity to ‘feel’ her is completely de-stressing. The newborn’s skin is so sensitive that you should avoid scrubbing it or using scented baby soaps, powders, and lotions, which can cause allergic reactions. - Rahima Baldwin DancySpending just about 15 minutes for a quick massage and a warm bath with your child shall go a long way in bonding with your child. But please do make sure that you are in good spirits when you choose to massage. You really would not want to pass on your negative energy into her.