Why having the grandparents around is a great idea when raising kids

With working parents I usually came home to my paternal grandmother. A good amount of time growing up was spent under her care and discipline. Summers meant the annual trip to the maternal grandparents; time to be spoilt by them, if only for a week each year. My kids are luckier they have both sets of grandparents around in the city and they all dote on them.Now I may not be on the same page with them about how I raise my kids, what I teach my kids or life in general. Well who am I kidding? I am NOT on the same page in most situations. There are instances when I do feel that we have come a long way from their style of parenting but I can’t deny that they are good for the kids. Really good! Why? Here’s why1. They ensure love is actually all aroundThere is no such thing as an overdose of love. Kids thrive on love, the more the better. A grandparent being around ensures there is no dearth of it at home. This actually builds a solid and secure foundation for the kids.2. There is so much to learn from themOne of my favorite stories of my grandmother’s was how her father, brothers and she had left their home and belongings in Burma and travelled to India by ship during the Indo-Burmese War. Grandparents have seen so much, lived so much. Well, they saw the world without the internet! Storehouses of experiences, grandchildren have so much to learn from them


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3. Pass on the traditionGrandparents instill habits and thoughts from the past. No, that necessarily is not a bad thing. There are so many habits and customs which children enjoy and learn from. Growing up “Golu” (festival of dolls) was possibly the most awaited time of the year for me. I loved how we would unpack the dolls, set the steps and arrange them, how they would all be laid down on the last day and then boxed again for the next year.4. They have all the patience and timeSometimes as parents we can be forever running around with wheels for feet. We want our kids to do everything fast – getting ready, eating, everything! And we can be quite irritable too. Not the case with grandparents. They tend to be more patient with the little ones and humour them despite all the delays.5. Help soften the blowInvariably disciplining the child becomes the parent’s job. Grandparents can act as perfect foils to soften the blow. No not when you are voicing your displeasure but later always! You know you were harsh on your kid but you can’t compromise on discipline. Grandparents can always bend the rules even if you are grumbling away that they are spoiling the kids. Come on, you always loved having your grandparents on your side didn’t you?6. Help you put things in perspectiveSometimes we as parents tend to take discipline a little too far. What’s worse we try to compensate for that or for not giving enough time with materialistic tokens. Grandparents can come up to you and help you put things in perspective. They will never shy away from telling you when you were too harsh, or from telling you that you are focusing too much on materialistic comforts alone.7. Excellent baby-sittersYou want to work; the best people to trust your baby with are grandparents. You just want a one hour break, time-out with friends; call in the grandparents. They would be more than happy to spend some quality time with the grandchildren and you get to do your thing without worry and without the guilt!8. Help with the financesOkay you have to admit, having kids is an expensive affair. There seems to be no end to the things you need and the money you spend. Grandparents can be really supportive with the finances. You may love your parents or your in-laws or you may never see eye to eye on many a thing; but you have to admit that having the grandparents around when raising kids definitely has its ups! Also being around the grandchildren is beneficial to the grandparents too. They are happier, fitter and busier with the next generation around. Don’t believe me? See the smile on their faces when they are with your kids, the smile reaches their eyes!