Why exercise shouldn’t only be about the way you look!

It’s unavoidable – typically, weight loss is aimed at looking good. It may be that you want to lose that stubborn new double chin, or just the jiggle of your arms. Maybe you want to see double digits for the first time in many years on the weighing scale, or perhaps you want to fit into pre-pregnancy jeans. Weight loss makes you look good, no doubt. But it shouldn’t be the only reason you want to lose weight or get fit. Here’s why being fit is so much more than just looking good –1. Controls weight –Obviously, it starts at that. Wanting to lose weight is what motivates almost everyone to exercise. In some cases, it might be to gain weight or to improve overall health. Whatever the motivation, exercise builds muscle which is a better mass than fat. You needn’t hit the gym every day. You can get your exercise by just amp-ing up household chores, introducing a quick walk or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator.2.Fitness levels go up –Everyone eventually worries that their lifestyle habits are going to catch up with their health – obesity leads to cardiac disease, arthritis and a host of other health problems. Working out can certainly reduce the risks of such diseases. Research has shown that an active workout boosts the good cholesterol and can reduce risks of stroke, Type 2 diabetes, depression, certain kinds of cancer, metabolic syndrome and even cardiac problems.3.Mood and mental health improvement –Stressful day? Need to blow of some steam? Exercise releases endorphins in your brain which make you feel good about yourself. A session of working out leaves you feeling happier, relaxed and stress-free. Ultimately with fitness comes increased confidence and self-esteem.3.Energy boost –Right from your first exercise session, fat is metabolized into muscle. This gives you an endurance boost, regulates cardiovascular strength which gives you more energy as oxygen us delivered to your tissues4.Betters and regulates sleep cycles –Struggling to fall or stay asleep? Regular physical activity when done during the day (avoid late evenings or after dinner) can regulate and promote better sleep health5.Improves sex life –Need a spark in the bedroom? Being out of shape can really affect your sex life. Feeling fit and confident about one’s look with the added energy boost is sure to spark a better time in bed too. What’s more? Sex itself burns a lot of calories. One plus one equals two!6.It becomes fun-What starts as a rut of work out soon becomes a lifestyle change and a good habit for life. It gives you a chance to unwind, head outdoors, get “me” time. Get a workout buddy to help you stick with your regime. Also try to mix it up so as to avoid getting bored.Think of it this way. Looking good is just one side effect of getting exercise. There’s so much more going on to keep you at it. Let’s get fit and stay fit!