Why Do You Need A Diaper Bag?

One of the first things you probably stocked up on when you were going to deliver your baby was a diaper bag. Right? You figured it was a no-brainer. It had all those large easy access pockets to find all the things you imagined you needed – diapers, pacifiers, milk bottles, etc. But you know what diaper bags are also? They’re the cargo pants of bags. A 100 pockets and none of whose contents you correctly remember. Well, most of the time at least. And so I’m here to share the secret with you – diaper bags are mostly unnecessary. Before you dispel me as one of those Donald Trump-y people, hear me out.1. Diaper bags are huge and mostly scream BABY! They’re as unattractive as they get, what with their waterproof resiny exterior, patterned florals or teddies and overly large straps. Adding to the hideousness is that they’re big enough to double up as black holes. Which means it takes forever to find things you thought were easy to access. Sort of beats the point, doesn’t it? Want to find something that actually looks decent, read this.2. There are tooo many compartments Yes, believe it or not, this is true. Again, cargo pants analogy. Less is more. If you have too many pockets, there are way too many places where things can be stashed away, making it impossible to find when you actually need them. No, geniuses. Diapers are small and we don’t need these many compartments to lose our stuff in anyway.3. Colour coordinated unwanted extras  I’m looking at you changing pad and bottle warmer. Surely, you’re one of those mommies who thought it was cute that the bag came with a bottle warmer, or two, and a changing pad all in the sickeningly sweet cherry blossom pattern. And to be honest, unless you’re on one of those 20+ hour trips, you don’t need them for everyday outings.


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 4. Eventually purse = diaper bag And that’s a sad life. When you have to reach for your cell phone into one of the gazillion diaper bag pockets, you’re not cool sistah. How about reversing it? Your purse can hold a couple of diapers and wipes in a disposable bag. And you’re set. For those 2 hours. Sounds like heaven? It’s not just possible. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.5. You don’t need EVERYTHING Which is what the diaper bag is designed to make you think. Unless you’re quitting the country as a fugitive, you can pretty much buy what you’re missing if oh gosh, you need it all of a sudden. Else, trust your instinct and your experience and just take the regular 2-3 things that you need when you head out for a quick errand.Made sense? What’s your take on this? Diaper bag.. yay or nay?