Why Co-ed schools are better than single sex schools

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Along with the plethora of choices when it comes to curriculum i.e. CBSE, ICSE, State Board, IB, IGCSE etc, parents have an extra decision to make- whether to put their kids in a single sex school or a co-education school. This has been a debate that has been raging for a while now world over. Having been educated in a girl’s only school myself, here are a few reasons why I believe it is best if children are raised in a Co-ed scenario:1. Not the Real world: The Real world is about dealing with both sexes on a daily basis. Girls who, during their formative years are exposed to working in teams with boys, interacting with them on a regular basis etc., tend to have a natural approach to working with the opposite sex comfortably. The girls, who do not have this exposure, tend to be a little hesitant that can make them unnecessarily blow things out of proportion. At the same time, when it comes to boys, they too could be unnecessarily aggressive or completely awkward and shy.

same sex schools- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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2. Perspective: Men and women have different perspectives on many things in life. This is a valuable dimension that single sex education cannot provide.  Children of either sex are able to see how differently the other side understands and evaluates many issues.  In schools that encourage group discussions on issues, this factor will be evident.3. Unnecessary Romance: When either sex is not exposed enough to the other, they tend to over romanticize the idea of interacting with the opposite sex.  A girl just asking for directions or a boy borrowing a pen at the bus stop becomes a hot topic for discussion. This kind of silly behaviour reduces to a great extent in co-education schools where these regular transactions are everyday business.4. Social Etiquette:  When both genders are educated together, social etiquette is understood and they are not awkward around each other.  The right way to approach members of the opposite sex, talk to them, make requests, offer apologies,  acknowledge favours, etc. are all learnt . This makes kids confident in their social interactions with the opposite sex.

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5. Break Gender Stereotypes: When children are in a co-education system, they are able to see firsthand that there are members of either gender who can do many things equally well. This develops a healthy attitude towards the opposite gender and respect for each other. It breaks preconceived notions of what each sex can and cannot do.While there could be some truth to the argument that same sex institutions enable kids to focus better without distractions, today, in every area, more than ever before, both genders have to work together and the sooner children work out the dynamics of it, the better off they will be.Featured Image Source 1, Featured Image Source 2