5 pocket-friendly fun things to do with your children in Mumbai

When it comes to family outings, people often think of hill stations or national parks to be a perfect pick where their kids can enjoy to the fullest. But my recent visit to Mumbai with my children made us fall in love with it. We not only thoroughly enjoyed our stay but my kids wish to come to Mumbai over and again. It rightly said that Mumbai never fails to mesmerise anyone who visits the lively city.Here are some economic short trips the city has to offer for family fun:Boat Ride at the Gateway of India

Mumbai spots for kids- Parenting by ZenParent

We started our day with this great activity. The environment looks refreshing, especially on a summer morning. Let your children experience sailing in the Arabian Sea along the shores of Mumbai with waves, rocks and sea gulls to fill the joyous moment. Tickets are available at the Gateway of India itself.The 30 minute boat ride is sure to give your child a bona fide experience of this historical monument and the most unique landmark of Mumbai city.When to go: Morning 9 – 11 am or evening 4 -6 pmWhat to carry: Water bottle, camera, dry snacks, cap and a sunscreenBathroom facilities: Not available here, but there are enough restaurants aroundBird Watching

Mumbai spots for kids Bird watching- Parenting resources by ZenParent

One of the cheapest and most breath-taking adventures in Mumbai is bird watching. This can be an ideal way to spend your mornings with your family. Bhandup Pumping station close to Bhandupcreek, is a great habitat for many migratory birds like storks, ducks, sandpipers, herons, terns, gulls, and many more.Watch these species of colourful winged creatures humbling Mumbai with your kids, while they learn about their varied kinds by watching them live. Some other spots for bird-watching include Sewri-Mahul, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Thane creek, Powailake, Maharashtra Nature Park, and Karnala Bird Sanctuary.It is advisable to go with the BNHS to make it an informative experience for children in a fun way!When to go: Early morningNote: * There is no specific time to see birds. You might spot different kinds of birds depending on the tide at that time.* Make sure to maintain silence so you don’t scare away the birds.* The place can be quite isolated, so it is best not to let your child roam around alone.What to carry: A pair of Binoculars, Water Bottle, Camera, Snacks – but do not dirty the place and carry plastic bags to dispose wrappers and used platesBathroom facilities: Not available in the vicinity, unless you decide to drive away to a nearby restaurant or caféButterfly Park

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A place that not many know, the Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, located on the outskirts of Thane at Godbandar Road, is a beautifully creation established 12 years ago. Unlike many well-known butterfly gardens in the world, butterflies at Ovalekar Wadi are not bred under artificial conditions. The park is located very close to Yeoor hills, which contributes towards replenishing the butterfly pool of the park naturally.You can either attend the trip with BNHS or get in touch with Mr. Rajendra Ovalekar (the owner) to show you the place around. His awareness about the tiniest details of the park and the butterflies will leave you wanting to see more of them.When to go: The Park is open only on Sunday 8:30 am to 12 noonWhat to carry: Water bottles, Caps, Comfortable shoes and clothingNote: It is important to maintain a quiet atmosphere to be able to spot more and more butterflies.Bathroom Facilities: AvailableOpen Bus Tour in South Mumbai

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A great way to explore Mumbai, MTDC’s Nilambari - Open Deck Bus takes you through all major landmarks in Colonial Mumbai.Route: Gateway of India – Vidhan Bhavan – Oberoi Hotel – Marine Drive – Churchgate Railway Station – Eros Theatre – Oval Maidan – Maharshi Karve Road – Rajabai Tower- CST Railway Station Building – Hutatma Chowk – Homi Modi Street – Horniman Circle – Asiatic Library – Gateway of India.When to go: 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm and 8.15 pm to 9.15 pm on Saturdays and on SundaysWhat to carry: Water, dry snack, CameraNote: Tickets are available at Reservation Division, MTDC, Mumbai-400 020 and Gateway of India CounterBooking can be done on phone Nos. 022-2202 6713 / 2202 7762 / 2202 4627Reporting Place: MTDC Information & Booking Counter at Gateway of IndiaTaraporewala Aquarium

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The recently renovated 64-year old aquarium built on Mumbai’s iconic Marine Drive, is a favourite spot among kids. It will not only help your child open up to a whole new world of underwater creatures but your little one will also learn about the little creatures floating, diving and swimming from his/ her own eyes. Watching the life in water behind glass walls will be very fascinating and enthralling for the children.The Oceanarium, their recent addition is a short walk (just three steps) but quite mesmerizing, with fish swimming all around you. There are marine tanks with fish from the sea, freshwater tanks full of creatures from rivers and lakes and brightly colored saltwater fish to enchant you.When to go: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 10:30 am - 8:00 pm and Sundays: 10:00 am - 8:00 pmWhat to carry: CameraBathroom Facilities: AvailableHere’s hoping you plan a visit once to Mumbai with your family and check out these attractions that your kids will surely fall in love with.Image Source: via Google images