When should I start reading to my baby

Are you wondering when to start reading to your baby? Well, you can start reading stories to your baby right from the start. Your baby is never too young to harvest the benefits of reading. Reading is another lovely way to bond with your baby. The lifelong love of reading can be implanted in your baby even when he is under 3 months old.

You may be well aware of developmental milestones of your baby. This article helps you to understand your baby's initial development when it comes to reading, listening, and following the stories you read to him.

What are the benefits of reading books to your baby?

Bonding time

Reading is a great way not only for mothers but also for fathers, grandparents, and older siblings to bond with the baby.

Starts to respond fast:

Babies who used to being read found to respond faster to the sound and tunes than the babies who are not being introduced to the world of hearing stories and rhymes.

Improves language skills

It is found that if you make reading books to your baby a regular part of the daily routine, the baby’s language skills develops tremendously. The more words your baby hears in his initial weeks, months and years, the better will be his language skills later on in his life.

Increases the vocabulary of the baby:

By the time babies reach their first birthday they will catch all the sounds he has been open to until then. Therefore, the more stories you read, the more words your child will be exposed to and the better he or she will be able to talk.

Helps with social and emotional development:

When you read the story with expressions and emotions and a little tinge of drama, your child eventually could be able to experience those emotions, which otherwise he or she may not be familiar with. Thus, if you start reading stories to your baby as early as possible, it will definitely foster your baby’s social and emotional development. It also enhances the baby’s thinking skills.

Make the baby a good reader in future:

As the world of language and imagination is open to the baby early on, most of them will become a good reader in the later stages of their life.

Boost brain power

Studies have also shown that children who were read to not only have a larger vocabulary, they also exhibit mathematical skills, and understands the concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes faster than their peers. Of course, your baby is too small to understand the meaning of the word you read to him. However, different rhythms and sounds will help to stimulate and develop his hearing as well as listening and memory skills later in life.

When should I start reading to my baby?

No time is too early to start reading to your baby. Some parents even start reading to their babies in the womb. So read to your baby as early and often you could.

How to read to your baby?

It is easy to be asked, take a book and read to your baby. You need some tips to make it practical. After all, you want your baby to enjoy this reading-bonding time so that your child will get all its benefits and will be able to develop an interest in reading. Here are a few tips that will help you to walk through this:

  1. Read with expressions.
  2. Pitch your voice higher or lower and use different voices for different characters.
  3. Keep in mind that your intention is not completing a whole book a day. Your little one is not going to make out even if you have stopped reading in the middle of a sentence. The whole purpose, during this stage, is to make reading a means of bonding.
  4. It is only around the fifth month age the baby could have a proper eyesight. The baby will be captivated by pictures with bright colors and sharp contrasts by then. This is the correct time to bring in board books and picture books. Select ones with catchy pictures.
  5. Remember an important point here. Repetition helps your baby to develop the language skills more easily. Therefore, select stories that use the same phrases repeatedly. Or else, read you can go over your baby’s favorite book more often rather than introducing different books in a short span.
  6. Interactive reading is an excellent way to develop your child's vocabulary and understanding. Ask him questions, even if he has not yet started to talk. For example, once you read "A red flower in the garden", ask your baby "which color?" Then you answer "red color".
  7. Last but not least, select an appropriate time for the reading session. Make sure your baby is not hungry and sleepy before reading him a book.

Are ebooks, audiobooks and DVDs are as beneficial as a book?

The answer is no. Introducing babies to electronic devices, even if it is to read them a story, is not appreciated. Babies are not designed to have screen times. Research has shown that e-books and Dvd besides not as beneficial as books, it can also have a negative impact on the baby. An audio book is fine to have during a car ride. Even then, it lacks the expression and emotion part that a reader could play.