When dad dresses baby for daycare

We've all had our husbands take over for us to drop off the kid to daycare/preschool. But imagine if you came back to pick them and they're dressed like THISpic 1One dad’s outfit choice for his daughter has caused what is becoming the most glorious wardrobe fail on the Internet. Only this time, the victim is a pint-sized delectable infant named Olivia.His wife, Brooke Hawley-Basso, captured a picture of the getup along with their text exchange when she picked her daughter up from daycare and witnessed the ensemble, which can only be described as “hillbilly chic.”She quickly texted her husband, “Did you send Olivia to daycare without a shirt on?”To which dad replies, “Uh, I sent her with that thing on.”Apparently he did not realize “that thing” is typically accompanied by some sort of undergarment. When Brooke told him as much, he simply said, “I gotta plead ignorance here.” I feel you, mister. The whole “ignorance is bliss” thing is something I am quite fond of.Their text exchange has now gone viral, raking in over 54k likes and 28k shares, after Brooke shared the picture on Ellen DeGeneres’ Facebook page last week.Because this adorable dad sent his baby girl out in public in a getup that no mother would ever allow, the photo has also garnered thousands of comments of other mothers sharing similar stories. Tales of their children being dressed in less than appropriate attire, including but not limited to a bathing suit top, Build-A-Bear clothing, zero pants, and a Yoda robe.If you look at the picture, even little Olivia looks like she’s saying, “Mom, I TRIED to tell him this was a mistake. He seemed resolute. There was nothing I could do.”Although it’s all in good fun, there were some angry mothers who felt these women should just be thankful their partner dressed their children at all. I’ll just shake my head quietly in the corner at that one.Last week my husband put our 4-year-old son in shorts and a shirt, and the resulting color combination resembled vomit. I discretely changed him into a more suitable outfit and the following conversation ensued:Husband: Did you change him out of the outfit I JUST dressed him in?Me: Did I hear you reorganize the dishwasher again after I JUST loaded it?Husband: Touché.Case closed. I win. I think little Olivia’s dad wins, too.This Post is from here