What’s he like? Men according to their zodiac

While not all men belonging to the same zodiac behave the same, there are some fundamental similarities. The fact is that every man possesses some particular personality traits based on his zodiac sign or rashi. These traits define his individuality as a person. You can understand a man much better if you are aware of his personality traits. This will enable you to share a better relationship with him. In this article, we present the personality traits of men based on the twelve zodiac signs.


The Aries man possesses a straightforward nature. He is fiercely independent, aggressive, competitive, and logical. Being a deep thinker, the Aries man sometimes loves to be on his own. This is a man who loves to indulge in intellectual conversations. His courageous and determined nature makes him a born leader. On the down side, he can be arrogant, stubborn, and impulsive.   


Tolerance, patience, and kindness are the basic traits of a Taurus man. His innate stubbornness makes him persistent. He is distinctly materialistic and loves his guilty pleasures. Financial security is a top priority for him. As a partner, he is very committed and dependable. Among his negative traits are his self-indulgence, laziness and possessive nature.  


Being born under the sign of the Twins, the male Gemini possesses a dual nature. This often makes him fluctuate from lively and amiable to enigmatic and captivating. A Gemini man is enthusiastic and loves to try out new things. As he is witty and humorous, he makes for a great companion. Lack of consistency and anxiousness outline his negative side.


A blend of loyalty, emotions, and vulnerability is what defines the Cancer male. He is sensitive, sincere, and kind-hearted. The Cancer male is a dependable person who loves to help his near and dear ones. He is extremely supportive towards his friends and family. On the flip side, he can be over-emotional, moody, and suspicious.


The male Leo is driven by his ambitions. He loves to be the dominating one in every aspect of life, be it personal or professional. But he is loyal, warm-hearted, and humorous. He loves to be in the spotlight at all times. While he is optimistic and straightforward by nature, he can also be egoistic, headstrong, and impatient.


For a Virgo man, harmony matters much. He is a kind, reliable, noble, and loyal individual. A Virgo loves to be well-organized. His independent nature prevents him from depending on anyone. This is a man who nurtures few illusions. He may be sensitive at heart but he is enthusiastic, broad-minded, practical, and friendly. Being over-critical and judgemental is his downside.


If you discover that a man is charming, romantic, fair-minded, and balanced, in all probability he is a Libra. Being just and diplomatic comes naturally to him and he tries to avoid conflicts. The Libra male is often headstrong but very logical and gracious. Laziness and indecisive nature are among his negative qualities.


Intense and sexual, the Scorpio male is one of his kind. He is passionate, stubborn, and secretive. Behind his icy exterior throbs a curious mind. His sense of intuition helps him to perceive the truth easily. A Scorpio man is ambitious, focused, and independent. But his possessiveness, resentfulness, and manipulative nature are his minus points.


Not afraid to speak the truth under any circumstance, the Sagittarius man is philosophical and straightforward. His easy-going nature has an adventurous side to it. He is smart, generous, and determined to live life to the fullest. Sometimes he tends to be impatient, overconfident, or inconsistent, which portray the negative side of his personality.   


Discipline, patience, and self-control are the three main qualities of the Capricorn man. Though he is ambitious, he is matured, sensible, and cautious in his approach. Impulsiveness is not for him. No doubt, he is a workaholic. But he is also a friendly and compassionate soul. His arrogance, pessimism, and shyness count among his negative traits.


An Aquarius man is creative, intelligent, friendly, and loyal. He is an excellent communicator who can easily charm people. The man of this sign is highly sociable and detests confrontations.  But unpredictability can be his middle name. That is why the Aquarius male follows no behavioural pattern. Stubbornness, inconsistency, and unreliability count among his other negative qualities.


When it’s a man of the Pisces zodiac sign, he is bound to be powerfully emotional, wise, and compassionate. He also possesses an artistic streak in him, which speaks of his creative nature. Though he is sensitive and selfless, he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. On the flip side, he may nurture an idealistic view about everything and may be a pessimist at times.

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This is an overview of the basic characteristics of the men born under different zodiac signs. But the characteristics of a man do not depend on his zodiac sign alone. If you are interested to know in detail about the personality traits of a man, we suggest you consult a reliable astrologer. You can now reach out to the best astrologers through AadiShakti’s online platform. For any further information call us on +91 9538602626 or mail us on enquiry@aadishakti.co. You can also visit our website www.aadishakti.co

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