What type of Mom are You?

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All of us have certain habits and traits that distinguish us from the rest. As individuals, we showcase a personality type that can vary from being an assertive persona to a passive one and even a reserved and calm one. And I guess, as mums too, there are specific "mommyisms" that we all adhere to.1. The Super Active MomShe's the mom who manages to take care of the kids and household, work, cook from scratch, be an active member of the PTA and still have enthusiasm left over. The rest of us mommy clan can only wonder what the secret of her energy is!

super active mom- Parenting resources by ZenParent

2. The Grade Chaser MomA mom who is up-to-date on the syllabus for the year, can tell you if an exam paper was difficult or easy, drives her kids around to all the competitive exams and in general keeps an eye out for any after-school classes that could potentially make her kid smarter!brainy mom- Parenting resources by ZenParent3. The Absolutely Fit MomLooking at her, one can never guess that she's got kids or even if she's married. She is not only fit herself but also ensures her kids are physically active.

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4. The Fashionista MomShe wears the best fashion brands and knows the latest trends and what exactly to wear for a particular occasion. The best part, she always makes it look so effortless. No bad hair day or creased clothes for this mom!

stylish mom

5. The Pajama MomThese moms may look like they've just gotten out of bed but that's exactly the impression they want to give. These mums truly believe looks don’t matter at all and that it’s your attitude that sets you apart.

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6. The Oops-I-Am-Late-Again MomShe tries her best to help her kids get ready for school on time or even reach at a venue timely; but it seems she’s not friends with Mr. Time yet. Nevertheless, she never gives up!

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7. The Smart MomShe’s the one who ensures her kids learn karate, cooking, piano, French; all at the same time. She’s herself has many feathers in her cap and so, she tries hard for her kids to be even better than her. Simply because she thinks they can!

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8. The Popular MomKnown in her mommy groups for being a calm and sensible mom - she's the first one everyone reaches out to when they hit a mommy roadblock!

popular mom- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Which of these personas do you most identify with?!

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