What type of Animal are you, Dad?

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It takes all kinds – of daddies! – to make a world. And the best place to look for a match to your particular Daddy style? The animal kingdom! Read on, to figure out which animal is just your kind of dad – and how your style shapes your cubs’ personalities.1. THE WOLF If you’re the one who firmly holds on to your kids’ hands when you cross the street, and the one that does the final check of the doors and windows after the children are in bed, you are very likely a Wolf dad. Like their counterparts in the wild, Wolf dads take their parenting role very seriously indeed. They will run shoulder to shoulder with their mate to put food (and iPads and foreign holidays!) on the table, but they will also discipline the cubs, teach them to become responsible, self-sufficient adults, and call home from work a dozen times a day when a cub is ill.

wolf dad type- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Lupine legacy: Knowing that 'Daddy will always look out for them'; helps your kiddo cubs grow into secure, happy adults.  Watching you share responsibilities ungrudgingly with their mom will teach them that mutual respect and teamwork, which are vital ingredients in a great partnership, a lesson which will stand them in good stead in both their personal and professional lives.2.THE LIONWhat is your standard response when your cub tells you she is hungry? Or that he needs a fourth player for Monopoly? Or that she can’t crack a math problem?  ‘Go find Mom’? Well then, you are a dead ringer for a Lion dad! But while you can be lazy to the point of slothfulness about the drudge bits of parenting, nothing gives you greater pleasure than being around your kids. Having conveniently outsourced the disciplining role to the mom, you can be an indulgent parent, letting the cubs clamber all over you, literally and figuratively. As for anyone who dares to threaten your cubs, let them beware the wrath of Simba! :)

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Leonine legacy: Your cubs will grow up with a deep commitment to family, and will retain strong bonds with their siblings and you well into adulthood. Since you inspire a variety of emotions in them – love, respect and a teeny bit of fear – they will think twice before they do something they know you will not approve of.3. THE MONKEYBathing time, bedtime, just-back-from-work time – anytime is a great time for a rough-and-tumble session with the kids. If you think that’s just the ticket, chances are you are a Monkey dad. It’s easy to tell when you are babysitting – the kids are either shrieking with laughter or playing dress-up with your clothes or mulling over a practical science challenge you have set them, while you cook up a huge batch of instant noodles and sausages. You’re the dad whose idea of a great family holiday is a five-day trek in the mountains in the middle of the monsoon – after all, experiencing the thrills of adventure is a must.

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Simian legacy: The role plays and inventive games you create for your children will fire their imagination and their creativity, turning them into innovative problem-solvers for life. And while some adventurous trips might not be their most pleasant childhood memory, your easy parenting attitude and cheerful outlook will ensure that they will always see their glass as half-full.4. THE BISON‘Dad! Look! I just learnt to cartwheel!’ Harrrumph. ‘Dad! I passed my driving test!’ Harrrumph. ‘Dad! Is ‘Harrrumph’ the only word you know?’ Grunt. If that describes you pretty accurately, you might as well face it – you’re a Bison dad.  While bison dads don’t criticise their children, they do believe that extravagant praise makes kids soft. They would rather teach their child to do something once, and then step back, allowing him to explore it further on his own. These are the dads whose hearts swell with pride when their child goes off to hostel by herself, after having bought her own ‘best deal’ ticket off the Internet (using dad’s credit card, of course!)

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Bovine legacy: Having negotiated life without an overbearing dad breathing protectively down their necks, Bison kids grow up to be fiercely independent thinkers. The knowledge that Dad will respect whatever decision they make allows these youngsters to choose their paths freely. Not surprisingly, they usually end up choosing wisely as well.5. THE PENGUINYou’re the first one at her bedside when your chick mutters in her sleep. When she falls and bloodies her knee, you’re the one that falls to the floor in a dead faint. You worry about their nutrition, their grades, and the time they spend on Facebook. You – are a Penguin dad. More mom than Mom, you mollycoddle your children to the max, and enjoy nurturing their minds, bodies, and hearts. Your spouse would have been annoyed at your extreme Mom-ness if she had been around much, but she’s too busy and happy at work, revelling in a freedom and peace of mind that few other wives and mothers enjoy.

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Avian legacy:  Wrapped in the warm cocoon of your love and concern, your chicks grow up into caring, sensitive, emotionally mature adults. Although they might go through a phase when they wished their family was more conventional, in the long run, the reversal of roles in the household will help them question, confront and demolish societal stereotypes in their own lives.Source: First published in Child Magazine in Jan 2011