What to do about physical aches and why strollers may be a good idea

Your back is killing you! Your feet ache! You don’t think you can take it anymore!And then the baby arrives! And about time you would say. You are ready to kiss away all your pains. Uh-uh! Not so fast!Beginning from breast feeding to carrying to walking around with your little bundle you could end up with pain of the most unbearable kind. I know all worry about now is your little bundle but hey a healthy mommy helps ensure a healthy baby. Here’s what you can do to keep those physical aches at bay or at least soothe them faster.1. Wrist PainBend your wrists too much when carrying your baby and you could end up with what is commonly called the “mommy’s wrist.” To keep this at bay what you could do is always remember to keep your forearm, hand and wrists in a straight line when going about your work. Remember to take a break from all hand-intensive work you do – carrying baby to washing clothes.If you already have the pain, try and hold the baby less and take a rest from hand-intensive work for some time. You could also massage your wrists gently though remember to direct your strokes towards the elbow (massages with wrong strokes is just the recipe for disaster!) You could also try hot and cold compress for some relief.2. Neck / Shoulder PainAs if breast feeding wasn’t a pain in itself, the hours you spend breast feeding can end up giving you a “Pain in the neck” (all pun intended!) Add to it the diaper bags, bouncers and others that you have to lug around and the pain spreads to the shoulders too.There is a lot you can do to prevent a neck pain when feeding. To begin with you should always remember to look up once in a while. Doing some neck rolls when feeding is totally doable. One could also choose to use a nursing pillow or any pillow for that matter to raise the baby’s height and thus put less strain on the neck muscles. The only thing you can do when with a pain in the neck/ back is to stretch the muscles that are inactive all the hours that you feed. Do some back stretches after each feed or use a hot compress. If not anything else take a break and make that trip to the spa – nothing that an awesome massage can’t soothe right?


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3. Back AcheOf course you cannot resist picking up your baby for a cuddle. You sure are tired of picking up the toys carpeting the floor, but you have to. Either way, one wrong move and you are in serious pain.Now to keep the back safe - always remember to bend at the knee. Do not twist your back when trying to lift. To rest an aching back of course means holding the baby less. You can finally lie straight on your back, do it and rest that aching back. Again a hot compress or an ice pack could work wonders besides that trip to the spa.4. Hip PainFor comfort and free movement most moms tend to hold their baby on the hip with one arm for support; this causes the pelvis to butt out and thus strain itself.Always try to hold your baby in front of you, close to your body and support her with both arms. This puts much less stress on the pelvis. If you still have to hold her at the hip, alternate the hips from time to time. You could also use a cushion for the lower back when sitting. Of course lying down, taking a break and hot compresses can help but trust me what works amazingly here is a long hot bath. Take time out to relieve the pain and also get some me-time while still being at home.5. Arm PainHolding the baby up and supporting her with one hand and also carrying the various bags that come with her can really stress the fore arm. Always try to hold your baby with the help of both hands, if not at least alternate the arms you use to support the baby. Carry just the basic requirements in the bag please and no you don’t need the world in the bag along with you. The best possible cure to soothe an aching arm is a hot compress.


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I bet you are already cringing in pain with just the thought of all this. Our saviour or one-stop solution to all this is the – Stroller! If you haven’t tried one yet, head down to the nearest store for a demo and you are sure to come home with one.
  1. You can take your baby along anywhere and everywhere without actually having to carry her in your arms the entire time.
  2. The baby is comfortable and can squirm and move all she wants with little stress on your arms or back.
  3. The strollers have quite a lot of storage space so you could place the diaper bags on the stroller too thus sharing the load.
  4. Strollers can usually take a lot of weight so even if it is your toddler who is too tired to walk, put her on the stroller and carry on.
  5. Strollers are light and compact. Pushing a stroller is not too much physical stress. You can also fold them and push them along with you.
There is a huge variety of strollers available today, pick one which suits you and move around without a care for all the aches. Anything that guarantees a happy mommy and a happy baby is worth it right?