What these cool grandfathers have to say to the kids of today

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Vacations or not, kids just love to spend time with their grandparents. Reason being the unconditional love and freedom they experience around them. And the best part is the liberty and time they receive from them that allow our kids to let them do whatever they wish to do, under constant protection by their grandfathers mainly.And with the changing times, the grandads of today are trying to make the generation gap even by adapting to the changing interests of kid's nowadays.Let's see how these cool grandparents are every child's dream grandpa!1. Stay ahead in the race, but never forget your family values and ethics. In the Rajnikanth style, his three grandsons love going to the temples with him and also love using the latest gadgets!

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2. Fame is earned but love remains. The legend of Hindi Cinema; Amitabh Bachchan's grandaughter is already enjoying the limelight. But as the grounded grandfather; she too is brought up like any other child should; with good values, politeness and love for others.

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3. Stay happy, no matter what. With becoming a grandfather again; Dharmendra is a man who has always been known for his charming and ever-smiling persona. And the message to his children and grandchildren is the same; to be happy, always.

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4. Life is about being beside your family. Rakesh Roshan is a man who truly believes that life is about enjoying every moment and spending as much time as possible with family. That's why, no matter how busy he is; he makes sure he is available for his grandchildren all the time.

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5. Stay together. Celebrate together. Salim Khan has kept his entire family together and his kids and grandchildren too are following him. Undoubtedly, a family that eats together and treats together is the happiest!

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6. Just enjoy every moment! The Kapoor family has been known for being closely-knit when it comes to binding families and siblings together and taking life as a big party! So, why not cheer up, despite the lows?

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