What is that one thing Indian parents are most scared of?

What is that one thing Indian parents are most scared of?Quora is always a goldmine. Yashika Patil has not one answer to this question but thirty. Here are the ten best:“Most of the points I mention point towards that one thing that Indian parents are the most scared of - their kid not being the ideal kid.
  1. Their kid scoring less marks than the neighbor's kid.
  2. Their son getting less salary than the neighbor's kid.
  3. Their son getting a less attractive wife than the neighbor's son.
  4. Their daughter getting a less rich husband than the neighbor's daughter.
  5. Their kid choosing an unconventional profession like artist (comic, theatre, music, movie).
  6. Their daughter not knowing how to make round chapattis.
  7. Their daughter not being home before 7.
  8. Their kid falling in love.
  9. Their daughter having a less than fair complexion, being either too short or too tall, too thin or too fat.
  10. Their son marrying a girl having less than fair complexion, being either too short or too tall, too thing or too fat.”
Arahant Ashok Kumar, on the other hand, speaks of the hypocrisy of Indian parenting methods – morals and practice don’t go hand in hand for him: “Good parenting is not just to love and praise their children, but it is for their children to become like Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Rabindranath Tagore, or any revolutionary for that matter. The reason for the greatness of these amazing souls is that they dared to step outside the society and deviate from its norms and rules, which most people are hesitant to do in the first place.The greatest irony is that our parents preach about their greatness, their philosophies and courage. They are comfortable as long as their children are just inspired by them. But, when the situation demands some leader, they do not want their children to become a Gandhi or a Bhagat Singh or a Tagore, but only their neighbours' children. Nobody likes to step out their comfort zone. They completely hate and crticise the situation, but are unwilling to participate in it. When asked they say, someone else will do it, why should they?”Sumit Gulati narrates a conversation with his mom when his mother saw a picture of his friend drinking beer at work:“Mom: Who is she?Me: A friend of mine.Mom: What does she do?Me: She’s working, why?Mom: Just asking!*After a while*Mom: Show me that picture again.Me: Why mom? What happened? She’s just a friend, not my girlfriend.Mom: I know son. She’s not your girlfriend. You don’t…. (she stopped)*Suddenly time stopped. Life stopped. Everything was a frame.*I decided not to dig it further and showed her the picture.Mom: Where is this picture from?Me: Her office, but why are you so worried. Apko kya lena dena?Mom: But drinking in office?Me: It’s a Startup.Mom: What’s a Startup? Is it the name of the company?Me: I’ll explain it to you later mom. Can I have something to eat?*Trying to dodge something from your mother. Tell her you’re hungry. May not work for all mothers though.*Mom brings me food and yet again.Mom (in a sharp tone): Bhala ye kaunsa office hai jo beer pilata hai! (But what is this office which serves beer!)(…) I never open Facebook or Instagram when my mother is around.”This Post is taken from quora