What happens to your body when you quit sugar

Food is one of those primal things that as animals we all need. Food, sex, nurturing, etc. are innate to us and give pleasure to our brains, which in turn make us repeat them for further reward. Along the way, we discovered sugar and addled the tastes of most things natural. Just like sugar addiction is real, so is sugar withdrawal. Here’s what to expect when you quit sugar1. You’ll have some withdrawal Depending on how bad your addiction is; you can expect your brain to present withdrawal symptoms. These may manifest as headaches, listlessness, loss of energy, jitteriness, general malaise and even pounding migraines. The good news is that it won’t last long. The bad news is that you’re going to have to live it out without caving in.2. Happy heart Expect the risk of death from cardiac issues to drop threefold. Also, the good cholesterol in your blood increases, and within a week, the bad cholesterol drops more than 10%.3. Bye bye diabetes  Your pancreas is probably doing a happy dance too. The risk of Type 2 diabetes just plummeted too. No sugar intake means that there’s enough and more insulin that your pancreas is producing to control and manage your sugar levels.4. Skin becomes clearer Bye midlife zits! Sugar is inflammatory to your system. And what’s more, not only did you save on sugary foods, you can also save on concealing makeup! Win-win!

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5. You’ll feel like a million bucks  Once you’re over the slump of sugar withdrawal, you can expect your energy levels to rise and feel better than ever before. The reason for this is that the processed sugars from what you were consuming before manifest as symptoms of irritability, anxiety and mood swings as they’re metabolized in your system.6. Sleep cycles become better regulated No more sugar highs and untimely bed times for you. Added sugars release cortisol into your blood which interferes with slumber time. And when the sugar high wears off you’re left with a mid afternoon slumber. Kiss all this goodbye!7. Memory gain  Really! Your memory becomes sharper than ever. The brain fog from sugar metabolism lifts. So if you’re eyeing the candy in the break room, tell yourself you’ll be sharper without it!8. Bye bye weight Nothing quite contributes to weight gain as sugar in all it’s inglorious forms. Shelve the sugar and lose all the extra flab that you’ve been aching over. You’ll be surprised how much weight you’ll lose, especially when coupled with some decent exercise.Sugar isn’t sweet.. these side effects are! Totally worth a try, don’t you think?