What Every Parent Needs to Know About PTA

pta benefits- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Why do schools have PTA? What does a parent have to do with it and what is the need for any parent to join PTA? The most significant reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to do good for your child. In doing so, you also help the school. And there are many other advantages that PTA can bring to you:
  • Get Connected. This is one of the best ways to know what is happening in your kid’s school.
  • Tap into School’s Potential. Most schools are founded by visionaries with great ideas and noble plans towards providing a wholesome educational environment to the society. Often times, functional demands of running the school are likely to take precedence, shifting the school’s focus from their core mission. An effective PTA with committed parents who can contribute thoughtfully and passionately can help the school provide the best facilities as much as possible.
  • Influence Systemic Changes. A well informed parent is every school’s treasure. Knowledgeable suggestions regarding academics, extracurricular activities and relevant developments in the field of education can significantly contribute towards big decisions that the school would take to make positive changes and improvements.

pta and its importance- Parenting resources by ZenParent

  • Build a Network. PTA meetings are opportunities for parents to meet teachers and other parents opening up doors to discuss issues concerning you. This can be a nice medium to share one's experiences, concerns, worries, ideas and solutions to resolve various issues related to the good upbringing of kids.
  • Be Well Informed. Being part of the school’s PTA also allows you to take informed decisions in your child’s needs for his overall development.
  • Be Part of the Cause. By volunteering with your PTA, you can do your bit towards the society by putting your skills and hobbies to use, not just for your child, but other children in the community as well.
  • Have Your Say. Being part of PTA can be a way for you to effectively suggest and influence school improvement programs. PTAs can help the school focus on parallel issues like students’ health, nutrition, physical fitness and overall growth and well-being.
  • Be a Role ModelBeing part of PTA will be a good way for you to demonstrate the importance you place on good education, to your child.
So dear parents; go ahead and make a difference! Get involved in the school PTA this academic year!Image Source: Google Images