Wedding night sex: This is what actually happens!

After a million handshakes, posing for cameras in that four-inch stilettos, and smiling at everyone (known and unknown) there is no way any woman will be excited about wedding night sex. Well, ask any woman and she is bound to pick sleep over sex that night. Indian weddings tire you like you have climbed Mt.Everest and getting laid on the same night definitely needs some extra guidance. So here’s what most women really want from wedding night sex.

1.    Lots of romance

Weddings are exhausting and women love to get snuggled after a tiring three-day affair. Hugging, snuggling and lots of romance is what women love to do on their wedding night. We liked to be loved and what better day than a wedding night?

2.    Take it slow

Wedding night is one memorable night for all couples and you definitely don’t want to screw it up in the name of doing the deed. So, take it slow. It is the night when you don’t really need a reason to have sex. The reason is just that you are married and that also means you must not rush into things.

3.    Do a little pampering

The million costume changes and the heavy jewellery make your lady love’s parts ache like hell. So how about getting started with some pampering. A relaxing foot massage, gentle caressing or some sexy strokes might be the right way to get started. A warm water bath might get things steamy too!

4.    A perfect kiss

Remember, its all about mastering the kiss! A kiss can convey a lot about what’s running in your head and also what lies ahead. And women love spontaneous kisses. So, don’t shy away. A sloppy, unadventurous kiss might ruin your night, so beware!

5.    Laugh it out

Wedding nights are reason enough for you to be happy, isn’t it? You two are married and are about to start a new life. So chill, have a conversation and get comfortable in your own skin and lovemaking will surely follow suit.

6.    Foreplay

Wedding night sex is not about doing the deed. Remember, you need to get her comfortable first. So indulge in lots of foreplay by touching her at her most sensitive areas and the rest will follow suit on its own.

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