“We made a mistake!” – read this SRK exclusive on parenting!

AbRam got a beautiful tree house constructed for him as a birthday gift. Suhana and Aryan got a fully loaded Audi A6. 51 year old papa Shah Rukh Khan can easily afford the best gifts for his children.

Just like his gifts, King Khan has king sized ideas on parenting as well. Read this exclusive- his personal style of parenting.

One thing he wants his kids to do:

My children can do the wrongest wrong and I am not going to judge them. Aapko jo galat karna haikaro. Jab duniya ki sabse badi galti karo that’s the time you have to call me. Not jab achievement karo, jab acha karo - wo toh sabhi karte hain yaar. Jab bura karo tab mujhko bulakar bolna and we’ll enjoy that and rejoice that and make it all right if it is wrong. I think that’s how parenting should be.

What Aryan, Suhana and Abram want and how he encourages them:

My elder son Aryan wanted to fight and be a taekwondo champ.. so I encouraged that. My daughter wanted to paint, so I encouraged that. My little one now AbRam likes to sing and spend time with building blocks. So each one is very different. And I just allow them to do what they have to and do it with them.

What parenting is all about:

Parenting is not about telling them to do the right thing... because they will do the wrong thing. All of us do. None of us in this room have not done wrong, we all do it. But you need someone to whom you can go openly and say mujhse galti ho gayi.. ab main kya karoon. And that person should not judge you and that person should be your parent.

What’s parenting shouldn’t be:

I think after 10 or 11 (years) you should just give them the ability to say to you that “we made a mistake”. Nothing else is required. Hum log kya bolte hain ke sara zindagi unko aisa teach karte hain ki ye mat karna, ye galat hai, wo galat hai

I think, what you should tell them is jo bhi galat karoge, I am there to actually be on your side. Do the worst kind of wrong that you can.. and the only person  you can trust when you do a wrong is a parent. Nobody else! Because if a parent can’t give you that confidence.. most parent will .. well I should not talk about other parents.... that’s how I am baki mujhe malum nahi.

What kids really need:

I think you need to leave the children alone yaar. I think you should spend time with them in their early formative years and allow them to have the freedom to do what they want. Give them so much in terms of whatever they want to do a..

All children really want is some time. Play with them, chat with them. Help them out with a few things. I think itna bada issue nahi hota bachcon ka,we make it. Hum log unko apne rang me dhalne ki koshish karte hain. They should have their own life. You should just agree to what they want.

SRK can be eloquent even if he is talking nonsense, no?

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