15 Ways in which an all-girls’ school is SO MUCH better than a co-ed school!

I studied in an all-girls school, something that is becoming a rarity in today’s day and age. Was I awkward around boys in the beginning? Yes, I was. But do I think I’d trade my all-girls’ school past with one that involves boys? No, I would never do that. Why? Here's why!

1. We learned fast - Mills and Boons taught us all about 'love' by age 14

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2. We learned to be badass!

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3. You deal with periods better because everyone around you deals with it like a boss!

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4. Male teachers were rare...and totally dreamy!

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5. We knew how to make drab uniforms look good!

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6. We could go braless anytime we wanted

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7. We could ask just anyone for a sanitary pad

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8. We didn't know waxing hurt - because we didn't need to wax!

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9. Boys were like exotic aliens...and very giggleworthy

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10. We learned to fight well enough to take anyone down!

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11. We didn't need boys...we had our own fanclubs!

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12. We learned to dream together of the same things!

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13. Drama was a way of life and nobody minded

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14. We made 4am friends for life!

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15. We became amazing women because of all that!

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