Watch out mums! These so-called ‘health fads’ are actually ruining your body!

‘If the celebs can do, I can do it too’! Isn’t this what most of us think? The minute we hear celebs raving about healthy fads and crash diets, we immediately want to try it. Whether or not the body will take it is never a question of concern. However, these healthy fads are destroying you more than you ever thought.

For instance, we are constantly advised to have avocado on toast for breakfast. Why not poha, upma or idly? All of these contain more protein than a meagre slice of bread! Similarly, there are many other health fads which we tend to follow simply because our favourite celeb did it. Here’s the truth behind health fads!

1.  Saying ‘no’ to dairy

Isn’t this one of the first things we do, when we go on a diet? Well, it turns out that it is also one of the worst things. In some cases, lactose intolerance might be a reason why you might have to avoid milk, and it’s perfectly fine. However, there is no other reason why you must skip your wholesome glass of milk. Replacing cow’s milk with almond milk or coconut milk might an option, but one must realise that none of these contain as much as calcium as cow’s milk. Plus we women, bleed every month and milk only helps restore calcium in out body. So, while you can reduce the quantity, you definitely cannot afford to skip milk.

2.  Saying no to gluten

Gluten is an essential protein found in wheat, rye and other grains. There was a reason why our mums and grand moms swore by ghee-laden rotis and paranthas. So what’s stopping us now? Unless you are allergic to gluten,  there is no reason why you must deprive your body of the proteins coming from these grains. Sure, you need to strike a balance between how much carbohydrate your body needs and how much to take, but definitely not eliminate it. So, in case you are skipping gluten just because your favorite celebrity said so, let me tell you, you are doing a blunder!

3.  Saying ‘yes’ to cold press juices

Did we ever know what cold press juices were, until lately? Certainly not! These juices came and conquered every supermarket, coffee shop and eventually every home. Well, but let me tell you, cold pressed juices are not ‘healthy’ as you may think. In fact, there can be nothing healthier than naturally squeezing the juice from a fruit or a vegetable at home or from a juice counter. So, the next time you waste your money on them, think twice!

4.  Saying no to egg yolk

I’m sure that’s just what your gym instructor suggested! But why? After all, egg yolks contain good cholesterol and there is no reason why you must avoid them. Well, it’s a whole new story if you don’t like the taste or the texture. But, like for everything else, don’t overdo this too!

5.  Saying no to low fat food

This is the worst of all! Just in case you didn’t know, low fat foods contain extra sugar. Also, our body needs starch, carbohydrates, fats and proteins to function normally. So, depriving the body of all these essential nutrients can be nothing but a blunder.

So, eat local. Don’t say no to cow’s milk. Go to your local juice wala for a glass of freshly squeezed juice.


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