Visitors soon after delivery? We have some bad news mommies!


You definitely have a birthing plan, but what about postpartum? While all women know exactly how to go about labour and childbirth, that does not mean the end of story. In fact, the real battle begins only after you deliver. 

Whether it is a vaginal birth or a c-section, your body definitely needs time to heal from the big battle. And having guests as part of your postpartum can only mean menace. And, not to forget Pammi aunties always come with a bag full of free advice- every new mom’s worst nightmare!

While you definitely might enjoy people cuddling your little bundle, the first few weeks are not the right time! So, wait until you come to terms with motherhood, your new human and of course the many other challenges that come with postpartum. 

Here are 5 reasons why you definitely must not have guests soon after you deliver!

1. You need rest

Childbirth is no child play! Your body has undergone immense changes and it definitely needs time to recoup. Moreover, whether it is a vaginal birth or a c-section, the stitches can be itchy and needs time to heal. So, having your aunt or cousin over, while feeling itchy down there, might not be a great idea.  Plus, moving around too much to attend to guests is only going to tire you more, the effect of which will only stress you out more. And you definitely don’t want to put your body through this when it is trying to cope with the postpartum challenges.

2. You need time to bond with your baby

So you finally meet your baby after nine long months, and others get to live the moment! How fair is that? Giving your baby a bath, breastfeeding, changing the diaper etc are all new to you, especially if you are a first-time mother and you definitely need time to learn and embrace the responsibilities that come with the new role. Also, the firsts are always special and you sure don’t want relatives trying to steal the moment away from you. So, some quiet time is all you need to bond with the new human in your life and having noisy guests at this point in time might only spoil the scene.

3. You need to breastfeed

Enough is said and heard about the breastfeeding challenges that new moms face. From figuring out the right feeding position to understanding your baby’s cues, there is a lot that goes into breastfeeding. Oh, and how can we forget to mention the sore nipples and the ever-hungry tummy! Well, with all this, the initial days are definitely not going to be great. And having guests when you have to breastfeed your baby every two or three hours can only add to your stress. 

4. Hosting people is stressful

‘Sleep while the baby sleeps’ they say! Really? Having guests only means endless chatter, eating and of course, multiple rounds of tea. So, where’s the idea if resting. Plus, after staying awake the whole night, trying to feed and calm a cranky baby, you definitely are not going to be up for any chit-chat or discussions about your aunt’s son or her new daughter-in-law. And the biggest nightmare for any new mom- the endless free advice you receive from guests! Now, that’s reason enough why you must not encourage ‘pammi aunties’ soon after you deliver!

5. Guests cannot help you!

Your immediate family is definitely your support system after delivery, but guests don’t fall under this category. Your baby is definitely not going to calm down with your favourite aunt or uncle. A newborn is comfortable only with the mother (at least in the initial days) and your little one only wants you to respond to his/her cries. In fact, noisy guests and foreign faces can scare your baby even more. 

So, ladies, hibernate with your newborn and partner until you are absolutely ready to give your guests a warm welcome!

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