How Video Games Effect a Child’s Brain

There was a time when children used to play more physical games both outdoor and indoor. As times changed, the kind of games that children indulged in also changed. Children these days love playing a lot of video games. The repercussions of this indulgence are unfortunately mostly negative.Research shows that children who play a lot of video games have difficulty in concentrating. They tend to become more emotional and aggressive. They ignore the world around them and assume their gaming world to be real. This leads to less socializing. Their relationship with family and friends also deteriorates as they do not spend enough time bonding with people. They find it tough to associate with people around them.With respect to the health of children who play a lot of video games, studies show that they lead to higher heart rates and increased blood pressure. The major impact on the brains of such children is, decreased usage of prefrontal cortex. Lack of usage of prefrontal area of the brain leads to change in behavior and moods of children. Their behaviour becomes unpredictable and they can also become lethargic and submissive.In video games there are both violent and non-violent types of games. Violent games tend to have a very negative consequence with children becoming less sensitive to the violent actions happening around them. These children also tend to have a short attention span and are low on self control and self-consciousness.However, on the positive side, playing video games have some good effects too. Children who play more of video games are able to judge situations quicker and make decisions calmly in a stressful situation. This is because they capture several visual items at once and quickly process this information in a sequential manner.Parents should be aware of the pros and cons of playing video games and choose the right games which can be beneficial to the child. Also, they should fix a time slot for playing video games and not let children exceed those limits. Children should be encouraged to step out and engage with others in the real world. Technology is always a double edged sword and including it in our lives while maintaining a balance of usage is the key to success!