What are we doing to Our Kids? How are We affecting them??

a message from a girl to her parents- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Kids are extremely sensitive beings, very perceptive of their surroundings. They can sense an anxiety filled atmosphere, much the same way that they can sense the spoken or unspoken tone of a happy atmosphere. Kids tend to learn from adults observing continually how they behave at home. So, it’s important to set the right tone early on and teach them how to deal with different kind of feelings and emotions.Sometimes, just being physically present for your child is not enough. Research suggests that parents that may be nearby but that are not emotionally invested or responsive tend to raise children that are more distressed and less engaged. Parents should keep this in mind when considering the quality of the time they spend with their children, because if they do not invest enough of their time and commitment into pouring emotionally into their child, the child will struggle to learn how to regulate his emotions and interact with others appropriately.