Why Online Tuitions are better than Face-To-Face Tuitions?

फेस टू फेस ट्यूशन से बेहतर है ऑनलाइन ट्यूशन- पेरेंटिंग रीसोर्सिज़ बाइ ज़ेनपेरेंट
In the world of technologically driven lifestyles for both adults as well as school-going kids, using online methods to study and perform better academically is not new. Among the innumerable options for students to gain information on any and everything to add more resourceful and helpful material for various subjects of study over the Internet, one such market is seemingly developing at a very fast pace.Yes; Live One-To-One sessions between tutors and students- a method that is strikingly differentiating itself from other available methodologies today, not just allows a child to avail for instant online help in the form of tuitions/ coaching at the convenience of his/her time but it also enables the tutor to pay absolute attention on the child’s performance and scale of understanding without any distractions.Seeing this very trend, Vedantu, which is a venture by IITians, who are also teachers, come into being. The founders of this online tutoring venture have in-depth teaching and mentoring experience, having disseminated learning and knowledge to about 10,000 students between them. Committed and zealous towards wanting children to get personalized teaching attention, they launched Vedantu. Their panel of teachers have been handpicked and are from the best institutes and have widespread experience.The basic premise of Vedantu is that every parent aspires to provide for their children ‘better than what they had’ especially given the highly competitive and highly strung world of education. It is about wanting to give their children a greater inspirational edge than they would receive from their formal education at school – to be taught by someone who is motivated and a go-getter while maintaining a clear balance of the teacher-student roles. This and more has been made possible through Vedantu which is proving that online tuitions can work as well as face to face tutoring.

फेस टू फेस या ऑनलाइन ट्यूशन- पेरेंटिंग रीसोर्सिज़ बाइ ज़ेनपेरेंट

They have a firm belief that online tuitions offer a path to engage the child without worrying about pressure from their peers, a pace of learning that is not suitable and other such restrictions. Their online tuitions increase the contact time that a student has with the teacher in time frames that fit the convenience of the student and the family life. The lessons imparted therefore, have a somewhat revolutionary feel, which is a great way to challenge the child while renewing or creating enthusiasm about the subject or subjects that ‘scare’ them.Let’s look at some more benefits of Vedantu’s ‘style of online tutoring to help you veer your decision in its favour:1. It is tough to find the ‘right’ tutor for face to face tutoring – must be local, time for the tuitions must be as per the convenience of the tutor, find a female tutor for your girl child (which is often very tough to find), find a tutor willing to teach the child at his or her home and other such constrictions. With Vedantu’s teachers and online classes you can get a tutor who is best for your child and even choose the time for the classes. The pace of the tuition will be based on how fast or slow the child can learn and assimilate the information. Most importantly the child remains in her or his familiar home surroundings making providing the comfort and security one needs to learn well.jpg online tuition 22. In this age of competitiveness and sky-rocketing prices, most families see both parents working in offices with frenzied schedules. In such a situation, it is quite an uphill task to take time out to get the child to the tutor’s home and then pick her or him up post the class. Do the parents of today need any more stress? Vedantu’s online tuitions ensure that the schedule of the classes remains uninterrupted irrespective of weather and traffic conditions and mum and dad’s hectic routines. No time and energy is wasted on traveling to and fro, which is often one of the major reasons why children get highly stressed and irritated at the thought of attending their face to face tuitions.3. Many children often attend schools far away from home and therefore stay in the school accommodations for the most time available. In face to face tutoring, do you get a teacher who lives close to the school or the child’s home? (he or she will be at home during breaks and holidays). With online tutoring through Vedantu, there are no such decisions to make – a child can continue the tuitions interrupted, with a robust internet connection, from both the school and home.4. It can be quite intimidating and disconcerting for a child to either visit a ‘stranger’s’ home or have some strange new person visit theirs and have to spend time with this person studying a subject they are already wary of. Vedantu has clearly understood this very real fear and through their online tuition, the child is protected from such an intrusion and because their no physical proximity it is also safe for the child. The child is in control and is in a more relaxed frame of mind allowing her or him to concentrate on the subject matter being taught.5. Online tutoring enables the lesson taught to be available even after the teacher has left. The child is able to revise and repeatedly go over the lesson if she or he so desires, ensuring that the lesson is completely absorbed and the child actually gains from it. However, the great part of Vedantu’s style of tutoring, the teachers are available to help the child clarify any doubts they may have at any time and even after the class is over.

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As per a 2014-15 survey, almost 250 million kids were reported to be studying in K-12 grades in schools in India. Out of these, the number of kids studying in private schools is about 80 million, and among these kids, a majority is taking supplementary education of some kind – coaching, personal tutoring, group tuitions, etc. Tutoring, as an industry, is an $11B marketing growing at 11-12% Year-on-Year and is expected to grow to $16 billion by 2017.Realizing such research and learning from real-time experiences of parents looking for the right tutor for their child, Vedantu’s online tutoring holds great value. It is the much needed help and support that children (and their parents) need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. It is possible that with such focused learning, a latent talent and skill in your child might get ignited, that both they and you, never knew existed! Because undoubtedly, with online tuitions being increasingly explored by both parents and students today, it's clear that online tuitions are here to stay!Still unsure? Vedantu's offering a free trial class for a limited period. Get it here.