Vaccine Reminder for Preteens and Teens

vaccination for teens and preteens- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Your child is finally growing up. Just as you are leaving behind the the memories of what it meant to be a little one’s Mama, as memories of feeding schedules, bed time routines, toilet training and the like are just about fading... a lightning bolt strikes that maybe you are not done yet! It’s time to pay a visit to your kid’s long forgotten pediatrician for those vaccination shots!In addition to vaccinations that children get till the age of 5, there are some vaccinations recommended by The Indian Academy of Pediatricians (IAP) between the age of 7-18 years.As your child is now grown and all ready to display his bravery and valour at all possible occasions, it will be much easier now for you to convince him to go for it.You will also yourself, find it much less emotionally demanding than it was some years ago. The memory of a child’s first vaccination shot is very painful for every mother, but you are both much braver now!Here is the list of Immunization Schedule for children between 7- 10 years as recommended by IAP, in the year 2012:

vaccination chart for teens and preteens- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Source: IAPCOI Immunization Time-Table, a WHO accredited website to obtain reliable information on Vaccine Safety in India with your Pediatrician regarding minimum age, vaccination schedules and re-vaccinations for each of the shots listed in the table.It is possible and very understandable for you to have overlooked the vaccination schedule, as most of us are not expecting this once the child grows. Most of the vaccinations can be given within a window of 2-3 years, so go for it, you may not be too late yet!Check with your pediatrician what can be done in case of a missed vaccine.

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