Tried and tested ways to make your baby’s bath time enjoyable (And tantrum-free!)

When lil N was born, I had it all easy! His sleep routine was just perfect; he was fuss-free with breastfeeding and having won the two main battles, I thought my life was as calm as the morning skies! Well, but turned out not! Bath time was a nightmare for N and me to such an extent that I have even skipped giving him a bath, just in mere fear.

While bathing can be pure fun for some babies, some scream murder. Be it washing the body or hair, bath time can give new moms the jitters, especially if you have a kid who just hates the sight of the bathroom. But, no more! Mommies who have kids dreading the morning ritual, here’s what you can do to turn tables and make bath time fun and a thing your baby looks forward to.

Before Bath

Like for anything else, bathing your baby also needs some pre-preparing. Firstly, ensure your baby is fed well and rested well. Once this is done, ensure you fill the water before you bring the baby inside the bathroom. Some babies can freak out at the sound of water, so watch out! Also, keenly observe if your little one is comfortable removing her clothes inside or outside the bathroom and follow the same.

During Bath

The internet is loaded with a whole lot of tips and tricks that will help you make bath time fun for your baby. So go on and ape it shamelessly! However, do keep these pointers in mind!

Sing or sway

There can be many reasons why newborns can hate to bathe. From the temperature of the water to being devoid of clothes and even simply not liking it, babies can have a whole lot of reasons to hate bath. However, humming or singing their favourite song can keep them distracted. So keep humming, singing and even doing actions as you soak your baby.

Don’t hurry with the bath tub

All mommies love to take pictures of their babies in the bathtub. But, you need to hold on until your kid gets there. Starting off with a bathtub is like pushing a person who has just started learning to swim into a pool of water. Get it now? Yes, take it step by step. Whether you are having your baby lie down on your legs like the olden days or are using a bath pillow, make sure you follow the same for a good 3-4 weeks until you decide to try a new method of bathing. After all, she/he is seeing it all for the first time!

Try bathing together

Studies reveal that bathing together can make babies feel secure and more confident. Wear him if you have a sling or make him sit or lie down on your lap, as you shower. This will bring down his anxiety levels and most of all it can be a fun thing to do with your kid.

Hair wash hassles

There is no kid who enjoys a hair wash. The best and probably the only solution to this, is to buy a good bath hat. This will prevent shampoo from reaching his mouth, nose or eyes and he will eventually start enjoying bath time.

Follow a routine

Last but definitely not the least; make sure you follow a routine. If you bathe your baby at 11 am every day, continue to do so for at least a week or so and you will notice how the routine eventually helps your baby settle down. This will make a huge difference to the child and he will also start looking forward to it. Plus, once the bath time is in place, feed and sleep time will eventually fall into the routine as babies tend to get hungry and sleepy after a warm soak.

5 ways to make bath time fun

Throw in those toys

The market is flooded with bath toys of various shapes and sizes. Pick a few and throw it into your kid’s bathtub and watch how he enjoys it.

Bathe siblings together

This is a great idea for kids to overcome fear and also enjoy the bath. Plus, the bonding is in place too!

Liven up your bathroom

Any space which is lively and child-friendly is bound to attract kids. So work things around in your bathroom. Use quirky hangers, soap dishes, stickers and other on-the-wall reminders to spruce up the shower space.

Bathtub activities

There are plenty of things your kid can play while inside a bathtub. Take his favourite toy along for a bath, throw in some colours in the water, take a bath book or create a thicker lather and let him have fun blowing bubbles.

Spend time

Lastly, never make bath time a ritual. Make it a fun activity for the day and your kid is sure to look forward to it. So play games with him, dash and splash in the water, sing together or simply click a few pictures to add to your memory album. Remember, childhood never comes back!

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