Travelling with kids? Read this mom’s message!

Let’s admit it! No matter the age, travelling with kids is definitely an ordeal. From packing right to staying at a kid-friendly place and choosing the right seats there are zillion things I worry about when I travel with my two-year-old. However, like everything, this too has a flip side.

The benefits of travelling with my kid have almost outweighed the headache of handling his public tantrums or changing his diaper in a clumsy loo.

Here are 5 reasons why I totally feel like a queen while travelling with my boy!

1. Priority boarding

We all hate long queues, don’t we? And if that comes with a whiny, hungry baby on hand, there is no way you are going to keep your cool. Now, that’s when your dearest baby saves you from turning into a banshee. Parents with kids are given priority in most queues and that feeling being chauffeured straight to the counter is something that will make every mom feel like a princess.

2. Kids make you slow down

There can never be a jam-packed day of sightseeing while travelling with kids. Depending on how fast and fussy your kids are, it surely will take a good one to two hours to feed, bathe and get them ready for the day. Also, you definitely cannot do rock climbing, get wowed by that splendid waterfall and go clubbing at night on the same day! Your kid will almost hate you. When you travel with kids, your routine and schedule slows down. This lets you observe more, relax and enjoy your surroundings, rather than being touristy and whiz through the famous sightseeing spots.

3. You learn to value special moments

No we are not talking about those moments when you and your kid pose for the camera! It’s not always that mothers get those ‘special’ moments. Those precious hours when your kid is napping in the morning, afternoon or night, become golden moments for you. You tend to enjoy the library-like silence, sipping on a hot cuppa, without having to worry about kitchen chores.

4. Kids make people kind

It’s always easy to start a conversation with a stranger if you have a kid along. They are perfect ice-breakers and you can shamelessly demand all that you want. For example: Lil N totally hated the dingy room we picked during our stay at Masingudi. However, the manager was kind enough to help us shift to a better room, despite running a houseful!

5. Kids encourage you to make every moment count

Travelling can sometimes make you lazy! We all have that thought of lazing around with a book or a hot cup of coffee. However, kids are an endless stream of energy and there is no way they are going to let you waste your holiday doing ‘nothing’. And this, in turn, forces you to plan a holiday filled with activities, making every moment count.

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