7 must-have stationery items for teens!

Top 7 school stationery gifts for teenagers - ZenParent
Going into a stationery shops is pure delight. You don’t know when to stop, and you don’t know where to stop. Apart from the shiny, colourful joy they give you, stationery has extremely practical uses.  Here’s a list of 7 things that you should give your teen. Or if you don’t have a teen, and want to give gifts.1. File Folder: A file folder is must-have stationary for school kids. Apart from important documents and loose sheets, you need to have one for certificates, one for artwork, one for homework assignments and so on.

file folder  for school stationery items - ZenParent

2. A predetermined set:  This is savior of all time. It contains a stapler, selo tape dispenser, punching machine, and a tool to remove wrongly stapled pins.  Keep it handy in the study drawer so that kids don’t have to look here and there when they sit down to do school projects.

stapler,selo tape dispenser,punching machine set for school students - ZenParent

3. Geometry Box:  A geometry box is not for the amateurs. Contains the right set of toolkit for acing geometry.4. Wooden pen stand with sticky notes: How can a study table be complete without a pen stand and sticky notes? No space for excuses! To-do lists and reminders for the day help build structure within and without.

Wooden pen stand with sticky notes for school students - Zenparent

5. Study Table with White Board: A study table has the best use for mounting laptop or books and studying. Teenagers are reluctant to leave their bed, and bring study to bed room. Invest in the good wooden study table.6. Mosquito Band: Apart from obvious accessories, something to keep the mosquitoes away. They can be a huge distraction.

Mosquito bands for school students - ZenParent

7. Highlighter: Let your teen learn to use a highlighter and understand different modes of studying. Once you colour code your studying, it’s easier to organize it in your mind!