7 perks of being pregnant

What are the benefits that will get for pregnant woman - ZenParent
Your baby is the best thing that can happen to you. And this is even while she is still within you. She can literally be your ticket to letting you get away with things you really do not want to indulge in and all with a simple statement – But I am pregnant, no? We list down the top seven.Breakfast Mania No matter if it is only about getting the juice and porridge ready for breakfast but when it becomes a routine, it does get irritating. If only, hubby or MIL dearest would get the breakfast table ready each morning! Worry not! With you carrying the baby, all you have to do is be in bed a little longer and we are sure no one would want to wake you up before getting your cuppa tea ready!Go on a shopping spree The baby is growing and so is your tummy. Obviously you need new set of clothes with each passing month. Don’t you? We suggest you just need to ask hubby to give you a special credit card for those nine months. Good idea, isn’t it?Ras malai and cheesecake We all know about cravings. Now cravings really don’t follow the clock, do they? A blueberry cheesecake is not that easy to get at 12 midnightbut then what better chance to allow hubby to show how much he loves you! Give it a shot. We assure you, he shall not let you down.

benefits of being pregnant - ZenParent

I am missing you! Imagine calling your hubby 10 times a day when he is on a business tour. You may be lucky if he has answered all the ten calls without disconnecting any. Some poor souls like us bear the heartache of calls being disconnected but then try calling not 10 but 20 times and dare he give any call amiss!Masi’s mano pickle No one likes to disappoint a pregnant woman. Time to indulge in delicacies from each house that you know of. Call up your aunt and just tell her how much you miss her mango pickle and bingo! There comes a jar of mango pickle! Eazee peezee!Jump the queue Try jumping the queue otherwise and those glares… but with your tummy walking before you, the way is already cleared for you. Be it for booking tickets or getting the rickie or cabbie to take you to your destination.Leave the bags You are already carrying some weight within you. From the building watchman to your neighbour’s son, no one wants to see you burdened with any weight in your hand. A sigh while walking and there you have someone carrying your bag for you, dropping you to your door.Now, a word of caution. This was just meant to be a fun read. We are sure you really do not want to take undue advantage of your pregnancy to get away with things this way, unless ofcourse, someone voluntarily makes way for them!