Top 7 absolutely unique hi-tech gifts for Father’s Day 2017!

“What is father’s day?” asks my husband groggily.

As he is walking into the loo with the newspaper firmly tucked under his arm, I recall the gifts kids got from school. A striped tie made with chart paper glued on to another. Beneath the blue and orange tie was a small childish scrawl saying “Happy Fathers’s Day”. My first born had got it on his first day of play-school. I still have it somewhere in the house.

Today Father’s Day means just another routine office day. Kids go to school, a healthy dabba is made and dinner is invariably the triumvirate of roti-subzi-dal. He literally can’t tell this day apart from any other day.

The unsung heroes of our childhood, dads are always hanging around silently. When mothers rush us to the hospital, dads are outside paying the doctors fees and filing up all the forms. Theirs is a sacrifice that often goes unacknowledged. Honestly what would life be without the industry and hard work of dads around the world!

Here’s how we can make up for lost time. Take a look at this list with absolutely unbeatable gadgets that are currant enough to qualify for 2017 and hi-tech enough to wow your ol’ man. Pick the one that best suits your dad’s temperament.

1. For First Time Dads- A wearable baby monitor

This is a cute tech that will help the new dad when he wants some work done around the house and the baby is sleeping. This baby monitor has an 800-foot-range and can be worn for a quick exercise session at the gym while the baby’s audio will be perfectly captured. It comes with a soft adjustable wristband, and it has three monitoring modes for when you are in a loud place.

2. For Dads somewhere in between- Voice activated commands for music and tasks

Google Home is an awesome gift idea if you are looking to wow your dad. This one has a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It uses voice commands to start playing music, search through Google and even manage everyday tasks. Google Home is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and can control compatible smart devices such as Chromecast or Nest.

3. For dads who find phones cumbersome- A hi-tech stand for Mobile Devices

This novel new gadget keeps a firm grasp on your mobile devices. It is called PopSockets grip and stand and glues on to most devices and cases, “providing a secure, relaxed hand position that prevents accidental drops and makes scrolling, texting and taking selfies easier”. This PopSockets grip and stand mounts to almost all vertical surfaces for hands-free viewing.

4. For dads who love music- A speaker that can float on water

Imagine your dad taking his speaker to the pool! This LifeProof AQUAPHONICS speaker can float as it is a water-resistant device. It is is submersible in 1m of water for 30 minutes, and deflects damage from snow, ice and dirt. The speaker can be paired with up to eight Bluetooth devices, comes with a dry box for storing keys and cards!

5. For dads who like to keep in touch –Pick-up the best your budget can buy!

Samsung Galaxy S8 has amazing battery life and a super awesome camera. It is water proof and offers an array of features that will wow your ol’ man. Buy the one that suits your father’s needs the best. Iphone, not recommended.

6. For dads who just want to relax- leather recliner

Here’s a product meant for dads who just want to sit comfortably and watch the telly. This could become their personal space at home where they can store remotes and even hold a can of beer. Pick this one up if you think your dad is exactly this kind.

7. For dads over 65 years- High tech watch that is smart but useful

The Omate Wherecom S3 is a smartwatch designed for the elderly. This is a really easy to use smart watch that provides its own dialler, message hub and alarm system. That alarm system can be set up to remind the elderly when it is time to take their medication. The display is snappy and responsive and importantly when pressed will send the location of the wearer by GPS to contacts over Wi-Fi or 3G.