Top 6 Things your kids learn from watching you

What are you teaching your child?  Math? English? Cricket? Football? Art? Music? What you are actually teaching your child most is through your behaviour. You can actually save your lectures. Children don’t care for those. But they are watching you. And they are learning to navigate life through those observations. So what are you kids learning from your actions?1. Eating Right Whole grains, vegetables and fruits, lean protein. We all know the theory. From first grade onwards, they start learning the food pyramid over and over. But what actually gets into their head will be what they actually see you cooking and eating on a daily basis. Are you being indifferent towards breakfast and running for the door? Are you barely serving yourself those vegetables because you hate them? Are you always grabbing for something instant to munch on instead of food made from wholesome ingredients without chemicals- How are you eating? What are you showing your children as the right thing to eat?2. Exercising Making fitness a lifestyle habit is one of the biggest gifts you could give your children. Play tennis with your kids, run with your kids, swim with your kids- make activity an important element in your lives. If weekdays are hard, play Frisbee on the weekends- if nothing, go for a walk with the kids. 3. Treating your spouse respectfully How you treat your spouse will determine the blueprint that you are setting for your kids in the future. If you want your daughter to stand up for herself with her husband and have the right expectations or your son to treat his wife well as a gentleman, you need to do the same. As a wife, treat your husband respectfully if you want your kids to do the same. 4. Respecting Yourself! Respecting yourself includes taking care of your body and your mind. Children watch you dress. They watch how you stand up for yourself. They watch if you let other people treat you bad. They watch if you speak your mind and are assertive. Those are the qualities they imbibe and learn how to respect themselves.5. Money Management You may verbalize to your kids that saving money is important, but if they see you not being frugal or thinking really hard before you upgrade to the next latest model of smart phone, they are not going to internalize that being frugal is important. Show your kids how frugal you are and that will get deep inside them that wasteful ways of spending won’t help them. Giving them a piggy bank and throwing your money around will give you no results.


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6. Good MannersChildren imbibe a lot of good manners from the people around them. When you thank them, they thank you back. When you ask politely they learn to use “please”. When you open the door for older people, stand back when people get off the elevator before barging in, are courteous to a shopkeeper or your maid, have respectful conversations with those that are not as privileged as you, these qualities are silently observed and imbibed by your children. When they falter, bring it to their attention and refocus them on what is right.