Top 5 Things To Do When Your Child Begins Reading

Children are readers in the laps of their parentsReading is therapeutic. It takes you to a world beyond your imagination and reach. But this has to be done in a gradual way. For children, the passion for reading has to be developed and nurtured. Just because your child has grasped the formula to join words and read, it really does not imply you load him with books to read.Forcing a child to read may backfire. They may develop a resistance to read out of free will and take it as a chore to complete.


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Top five things to do when your child begins reading to ensure she develops a passion for it1. Visit the bookstore oftenOnce there, just ask her to hang around at the kids section while you choose your pick. She can browse through books and you can give her a freehand to pick one book if she chooses to.2. Take a library membershipUsually all library have a kids section. Apply the same formula as above. If at all she shows reluctance in choosing any book, don’t bother. You can pick up your books but continue taking her along with you on each of your visits. Eventually she shall want to have her books as well.


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3. Have a book exchange program with like minded moms

Ask her if she would want to invite her friends to have a look at her books and would want to go to their place to check their books. This is a great idea not just to inculcate a habit of reading books but also have an exposure and access to new books without having to spend much. Imagine if six moms get together than you would have (for your child) six books each time!

4. Dedicate about 30-60 minutes a day to read books

Hide the remote control. Tell her that if she accompanies you to read a book everyday, she would get points based on the number of pages she managed to complete each day. At the end of the week, the points she has collected can be reimbursed for some goodies.

5. Gift her a book cabinet

Give her a surprise. Keep a book cabinet in her room filled with book appropriate for her age. Let the cabinet be attractive. Have a small ribbon cutting ceremony to create the excitement. Trust us, she will be delighted to have a gift of this size and that too filled with exciting books.


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In this world of iPads, tablets and smart phones, knowledge anyways is available at a click of a button. We were hooked on to Tell Me Why series and other interesting books to know more about things around us and then authors like Enid Blyton kept us busy. But things have drastically changed now. Cartoon channels have over taken the pleasure of leisure time that children have on them. Many of our kids really do not fancy missing their cartoons to sit and read a book. Overburdening them to read beyond their school books is actually a task.

Try the five options we have shared. We are sure, you shall soon have a voracious reader in your house!Let’s go Reading!