Top 5 stressors for parents in today’s modern times

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imageParents today, are very involved in the lives of their children and as a consequence concerned about almost all aspects of a child. Right from the time they wake up in the morning, to when they go to bed, parents ask themselves a never ending series of questions all of which finally lead to wondering if they are giving their children, the best that they could possibly offer. We are a generation of slightly obsessive parents too .But with all the affluence, modern day parenting is not a cake walk. Here are top 5 stressors of parents in the modern times:
  1. Child Safety:  The safety of children is the number one priority for all parents. Safety on the school bus, safety while crossing the roads that are congested with traffic, safety while playing in the neighbourhood, safety while at school etc. Every situation seems to be fraught with potential dangers. Trying to protect ones child from all of them can be stressful to a parent.
  2. Food habits. The Junk food culture is taking over the major cities in India. Children are swayed by advertisements on TV and fight with parents to buy them junk.Fast food contains over- processed ingredients with very poor nutritional value. Parents are concerned that children's health will be affected by this.
  3. Trustworthy Caregivers: Today, most families in the cities are nuclear families with both parents working. Finding a trustworthy caregiver for the children is a source of great stress to many parents. They worry if their child will be taken care off in a caring way. They are plagued on a daily basis with news of abusive caregivers and this is a source of stress.
  4. Finding the Right school: Today, schools have become yet another status symbol amongst middle and upper middle class parents. Add the plethora of curriculums to choose from like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, ISE, and IB parents are facing a tough choice of which school is right for their children. Assuming that affordability is  removed from the equation, still figuring out which curriculum will suit the temperament and ability of the child , and the chances of securing college admission have to be weighed in , before a decision is made.
  5. Pace of Technology: The galloping pace of technological progress has its pros and cons. Children these days get access to mobiles, laptops and the internet at quite an early age. Out of natural curiosity, they might misuse these facilities provided to them. Keeping track of how they are actually utilizing these is another big concern these days.
  6. Changing Parenting Paradigms: It used to be a simpler time when children were asked to obey parents implicitly and they did! Today, children will listen to only logical explanations and nothing will be accepted at face value. Children watch how parents behave and mostly emulate their characteristics. This can be a cause for concern when parents find it difficult to get their children to listen to them.
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