Top 5 baby sleep mistakes every mom makes (And how to avoid them)

5 baby sleep mistakes every mom makes

As a new mommy, you are bound to be battling a whole lot of issues. Bleeding down there, figuring out the right position to breastfeed, understanding your baby’s cry, etc are all part of adjusting the new normal. However, once you crack all of these, there another big war you will battle. And that, my dear mommies, is nothing but getting your little bundle’s sleep routine on track.

No matter what the clock says, your baby needs to sleep, eat, pee and poop! And getting your baby into a sleep routine can also mean you losing out on sleep. So much so, that 8-hour sleep might become a distant memory. But, hold on mommies, what if we tell you avoiding these common sleep mistakes, can solve half your worry? Sounds nice? Read on!

1.    An over attractive room

Every Mommy wants her little one’s room to look like a dream come true. From fancy wallpapers, to lights, night lamps, and baby-friendly quilts, mommy’s list of must-haves for her baby’s room can just be endless. However, you might be mistaken mommies! Too much of anything is good for nothing and this holds true even for your baby’s room. Too many distractions in the room can lead to your baby not wanting to fall asleep even when he/she is sleepy as hell. So keep it minimal and make sure you choose soothing colours.

2.    Lack of routine

Routine is important not just for adults, but for those little minds too. Think of it this way: Would you eat breakfast for dinner? Sounds weird right? It’s the same with babies. Pick a time and stick to it for at least a week or two and you will notice how your baby starts falling asleep during the same time every single day!

3.    Not preparing them for sleep

Just like traveling with a baby needs a lot of preparing, putting a baby to sleep also needs some pre-planning. Firstly, Dress your baby in comfortable clothes, change nappy and apply night cream. Once this is done, dim the lights, turn on a soothing lullaby or sing one. Reading bedtime books is a great idea too. These are cues for your little one’s mind that it’s time to snooze off.

4.    Staying up late

Letting the baby stay up late can only lead to him or her getting cranky and unmanageable. On days when there are guests at home, your reasons may seem valid, but hey, would you stay awake when you are sleepy and someone wanted to chit-chat? Clearly no! So, how can we expect the same out of a tiny, little one? Make sure you put it across politely to your guests and stick to your routine. Droopy eyes, yawning and cranky behaviour are some signs your baby has hit the snooze time. Also taking him to bed at this time will ensure he learns to fall asleep on his own.

5.    Picking up the baby as soon as he cries

By default, we all tend to sprint to our babies when he/she starts crying. But hold on! Doing this is only going to make him feel he will be lifted every time he cries and will eventually result in a cycle of sleep-cry-comfort-sleep, which will seem endless. Just like adults tend to wake up multiple times in the course of the night, babies too will wake up. However, wait for a few minutes to see if he goes back to sleep on his own.

So, mommies, don’t turn bedtime into a war zone! Follow this simple regime and putting your baby to sleep on time will eventually become a breeze! Good luck.