Top 20 Hindi Movies For Kids Below 12 Years

Movies leave a long-lasting impression on children and also help them learn more about the society and various everyday issues. Our Indian cinema has a record of some really nice and engaging movies for kids.

If you’re not sure which movies might be suitable for your little one, maybe this list can help. How many of the movies listed below has your kid seen?

1. Taare Zameen Par

Snapshot: A story that will literally take you and your kiddo into the world of children and make you see how Ishan Avasthi, an 8-year old boy, faces day-to-day challenges of dyslexia and yet, comes out as a shining star, showcasing his remarkable works, no less than that of any renowned artist.

Why is it good for your Kid?

An eye opener for both parents as well as children; this movie gives out a clear message that kids must not be pressurized to be just academically sound, but also be inspired to pursue their dreams and focus on the things that interest them and give them joy.

2. Chillar Party

Snapshot: Chillar Party is a group of kids living in a colony who plan their way to save a street dog- Bheedu from getting thrown out from their residential area. These little ones, who have no real power in a world dominated by adults, decide to take it upon their little selves to somehow save the poor animal. What happens thereafter is obvious, but the entire journey is a joyride.

Why is it good for your Kid?

Unlike many films that claim to be mainly for kids these days, this flick has successfully revived the genre. Encouraging kids to act responsibly and work for the helpless and needy is something that this movie beautifully does. Note: There is some “tapori” language used in the movie that some parents might not be comfortable about their kids listening to/emulating

3. The Blue Umbrella

Snapshot: It’s a journey that takes one through the life of a poor girl who suddenly becomes known in her village because of a blue umbrella that she owns. The beautiful depiction makes one truly relate with what she goes through when she loses her most treasured belonging; the story also unfolds some climaxes in the end.

Why is it good for your Kid?

Based on a novel written by Ruskin Bond, this movie showcases the saying, “One reaps what one sows” very well. Not just entertaining, this film will also help your child understand how one truly gains respect in the society.

4. Stanley ka Dabba

Snapshot: A movie crafted around the idea that children will be children – Stanley Ka Dabba has brilliantly displayed how a boy called Stanley, never brings his lunch to school and how, a teacher is more interested in gobbling down all the food that the kids bring. Stanley becomes his pet peeve because he never brings his “dabba” to school and yet manages to have a daily feast with his buddies.

Why is it good for your Kid?

The very essence that loving one another, bonding with people and becoming friends with them does not depend on how well-off they are, makes this film worth watching!

5. Anjali

Snapshot: A movie that most of us have grown up watching, this flick from the 90s is a good watch even today. No matter how many times you watch it with your kids, there will always be boxes of tissue papers doled out.

Why is good for your Kid?

It’s not just a movie that will leave your little one teary-eyed but will also help him/ her value family bonding and relationships, like never before.

6. Chak De! India

Snapshot: A story about true sportsmanship and how a teacher wants to prove his love for his country by building a team of highly-competent women in a male-dominant sport; this movie is indeed a booster to take up sports seriously and be a patriotic Indian before everything else.

Why is it good for Kids?

It’s a reminder that one can achieve the impossible with hardwork and a strong will. Also sends out a strong message about the importance of identifying oneself as an Indian instead of identifying oneself as belonging to a particular city/caste etc.

7. English Vinglish

Snapshot: This movie is about a middle-class, married Indian woman who doesn’t know English and how this very inability to understand the language makes her feel left-out in her own family. The movie takes a turn when she joins an English learning class without telling anyone and plans on giving them a surprise.

Why is it good for Kids?

The film undoubtedly portrays a striking message that one must not judge people on the basis of how educated they are or if they can speak good English or not!

8. Hawaa Hawaai

Snapshot: A movie about a boy who works at a tea shop for a living and wishes to learn skating; Hawaa Hawaai indeed strikes a chord within.

Why is it good for Kids?

The film is a good inspiration for kids to chase their dreams inspite of all the obstacles that might come their way.

9. I Am Kalam

SnapshotA movie well-acclaimed in the film industry that also received various awards; I Am Kalam is a story about a poor Rajasthani boy and how he is inspired by India’s former president Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam and has an undying urge to learn. The entire plot narrates the troubles he faces because of his desire to seek education and how, despite the problems, he still never quits.

Why is it good for Kids?

Seeing how the underprivileged live, this movie is an inspiration for the kids to value the good lifestyles they live and that, one must work hard and never stop trying to accomplish what they want.

10. Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid

Snapshot: Dealing with the various difficulties that a girl child encounters in rural India, Jalpari also addresses the divide between rural and urban India.

Why is it good for Kids?

A story from the eyes of a poor girl, this movie is important for the kids to realise the societal issues of our country.

11. Mr. India

SnapshotA movie that all of us have watched a zillion times, Mr. India is a movie in Bollywood that has its benchmark set when it comes to a good storyline, adventurous climaxes and emotions.

Why is it good for Kids?

A legendary, fun-filled movie for the children to watch, with an invisible man saves his “baccha party” from the villains.

12. Gattu

Snapshot: A street kid named Gattu is fascinated with kite-flying. A black kite- Kaali beats all who battle in the airspace and Gattu wants to somehow win over! He finds a vantage point at a school’s rooftop and plans to get in somehow. Just that, he’s an illiterate.

Why is it good for Kids?

A unique way of telling the children that impossible is nothing.

13. Do Dooni Chaar

Snapshot: A story about a middle-class family and their desire to buy their first car, despite being financially crunched; Do Dooni Chaar is a movie about togetherness and sticking to one’s morale and values, despite the temptations around.

Why is it good for Kids?

A good watch to understand that come what may, one must never walk down the wrong lane in the greed for achieving things easily.

14. Halo

Snapshot: It’s a story about a girl who loses her little pup and how she struggles to find it in the streets and comes across various kinds of people.

Why is it good for Kids?

It’s an emotional movie about bonding with animals and also about judging strangers as a kid and deciding how to deal with them.

15. Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Snapshot: It’s a sweet story about a boy, his father and grandfather, and their ordinary dreams. How the little boy dreams of enjoying a drive in a Ferrari and how his father and granddad struggle to fulfill his wish is the movie about.

Why is it good for Kids?

This movie beautifully emphasizes upon how a family bonds and the love and care that parents, kids and the elderly have for one another.

16. Bumm Bumm Bole

Snapshot: A brother and a sister share one pair of shoes as they go to school and manage with just that since the family is really poor.

Why is it good for Kids?

A heart-warming story that will surely make the kids realize the worth of having siblings and sharing emotions and things with one another.

17. Iqbal

Snapshot: A story of a deaf and dumb boy who is obsessed with becoming a part of the Indian Cricket team; Iqbal narrates the difficulties faced by this disabled boy who fights against all odds to ultimately accomplish his dream.

Why is it good for Kids?

A well-captured movie on how attaining one’s desires is possible, irrespective of the constraints.

18. Makdee

Snapshot: It’s a movie about a forbidden house of a witch that on visiting by girl’s twin sister transforms her into hen. The climax in the end is surprising and insightful for the kids.

Why is it good for Kids?

A learning for the kids to not believe in the rumours and to also stay alert while interacting with strangers. The movie inclines more towards the horror genre, so be careful to not to play the film for kids below 10 years.

19. Satrangee parachute

Snapshot: A movie about how a group of small-town kids plan to procure a parachute from a city triggered with terrorists alerts.

Why is it good for Kids?

It gives an insight on how kids can think and use their imagination as well as intelligence on dealing with such a serious issue.

20. Masoom

Snapshot: A well-known movie in the Hindi cinema- Masoom has beautifully dealt with a sensitive topic of a man having a child outside marriage.

Why is it good for Kids?

It will help one realise that one should not blame a person for the mistakes of another.

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