Top 12 Children’s Magazines in India 2020

With so many technological advances breaking into our lives through iPads, smartphones and gaming gadgets; developing an interest of reading among children is becoming extremely difficult.

If you really wish that kids should develop this habit, then it’s a good idea to introduce magazines to children as they offer small stories with lots of pictures, and fun activities for kids. Children are likely to find reading such stories less daunting, while this makes them habitual of reading long stories eventually too.

Reading magazines fills up your child with interesting facts, knowledge and lots of information that can come in very handy and even equip them to tackle life’s everyday’s challenges as they grow. The exposure to words will invariably enrich their vocabulary and improve their speaking and writing fluency as well.

Most of the children’s magazines include age-appropriate, challenging activities that can develop their analytical, logical and comprehension skills. Bits and trivia included in most magazines can work wonders on your kids’ general knowledge and improve their memory too.

Listed below are some of the best children’s magazines you can find in India for various age groups:

1. MagicPot

Age: 3-6 years 

Type: Weekly

I completely swear by this magazine. My daughter and I pored into this magazine week after week when she was just 3 till she turned 6-6.5 years; when she finally outgrew it. Very thoughtfully put together, this magazine has a wonderful variety of stories and activities for pre-schoolers. Activities related to numbers, alphabet recognition and reading skills, activities like mazes and puzzles for developing logical and reasoning skills, are all designed to put children at ease with these concepts.

Comic series like Lutappi, Dilly and Willy are hot favourites with children and the freebies that come with every issue like a mask, a sticker or a small toy, keeps children looking forward to the next one.

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2. Children’s Magazine


Age: 4-9 years

Type: Monthly

With simple language and very readable font, this magazine comprises enchanting stories with attractive illustrations. As all stories are written in the Indian context, children can instantly relate to it. The magazine also carries plenty of activities for children to work on.

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