Top 10 things to do before baby arrives

Yes, there are 18000 things to do before the baby arrives. But we will not get down and dirty with all of those. But if you're totally lost and looking for a list of like, 10 things to do before you pop, this is it, ladies. Get these things done and figure out the rest as you go-

Prepare the nursery.

Set up the crib or bassinet, wash the sheets, and put any finishing touches on the room décor.things to do before baby arrives

Stock the diaper changing table.

It’s a good idea to have several different sizes and brands of diapers on hand since you won’t be sure of your baby’s size until she arrives. Plus, you may find that certain brands fit better or are more absorbent. Don’t forget other necessities like baby wipes, cotton balls, and washcloths.things to do before baby arrives

Wash baby’s clothes.

Use a gentle detergent that is free of perfumes and dyes to wash your newborn’s clothes before she wears them. This helps to remove any irritating chemicals used during manufacturing. You can later switch to regular detergent and include your baby’s clothes in the family wash as long as she doesn’t have sensitive skin.things to do before baby arrives

Get ready for guests.

You know the grandparents are coming to visit. Now is the time to wash the sheets for the guest bed and make some room in the closet and dresser for grandma’s things.things to do before baby arrives

Install the car seat.

Have a certified child car seat technician inspect the car seat to ensure proper installation. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for a list of (usually free) car seat safety inspection stations.things to do before baby arrives

Fill in the baby book blanks.

Get a head-start on the baby book by completing the family tree section or writing a letter to your baby about your pregnancy experience or your dreams for her.things to do before baby arrivesThis post is taken from here