Top 10 Mobile apps for kids below 5 years

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In the world of tech-savvy kids who know how to operate your android/ iOS phones and your iPad/ tablets and laptops; it gets more than important to help them gain some meaningful knowledge from these gadgets as well. And it’s also required to keep a tab on the most likable apps by children and their downloading price.Here are top 10 mobile apps that can help your kids learn, enhance their academic knowledge and play too:1. Monkey Preschool LunchboxPrice: $1.99Works on: iPhone & iPad, AndroidAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?Comprising games around identifying colours, letters and sounds, and resolving puzzles, spotting differences, counting and matching, this app will help children develop a basic understanding before going to a kindergarten.Monkey_Preschool_Lunchbox2. Elmo CallsPrice: $1.99Works on: iPhone & iPadAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?Kids’ favourite Sesame street character can interact with the kids, talk and laugh together, while helping them learn more through singing poems together. It’s like a facetime call that can be upgraded with new packs later, when your kids grow up and these upgrades themes like potty training and visiting a doctor.elmo calls3. AlphaTotsPrice: $1.99 at, $2.99 otherwiseWorks on: iPhone & iPadAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?This app is about building robots and treasure hunting for valuable tools to create them, while discovering about letters and alphabets is what this game about. It’s more like a robot-themed puzzle.600_ss_AlphaTots4. Mrs. Potato Head- Create & PlayPrice: FreeWorks on: iPhone & iPadAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?This app is about enhancing your child’s creativity by helping him/ her draw and create new faces on Mrs. Potato by adding animated expressions that they wish to choose.600_ss_Ms.Potato_Head5. Peekaboo BarnPrice: $1.99 (Google Play and Amazon)Works on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & AndroidAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?To learn more about animals, identify their names and noises; kids can play the game by using this app, wherein, they can record their own voices or of their family members too!


6. Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

Price: $2.99Works on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones & Tablets, Kindle FireAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?Help your children learn about brushing their teeth, dressing up, tying shoelaces, washing up and winding up for bedtime with this app. It has tasks for kids to get disciplined about their everyday morning and night routines with songs to sing and levels of to-do things.600_ss_Daniel_Tiger (1)7. Sago Mini Fairy TalesPrice: $2.99Works on: iPhone, iPad, Windows and Kindle FireAge: Up to 5What’s it about?An app that’s free from advertising or in-bound purchases, this one is made to encourage a child to use his/ her power of imagination by directing the cute-looking cat in the game to find new destinations and craft stories as they progress. It’s a different approach to story-telling.600_ss_Sago_Mini_Fairy_Tales8. Yo Gabba Gabba! Party in my tummyPrice: $1.99Works on: iPhone, iPad, Android via Google plus & Amazon, NookAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?It’s a colourful app to help kids understand about various food items (through songs) that they eat and crave for, while helping them learn about the technique of cleaning up after absorbing food by colouring and decorating page using tools and stickers.


9. Endless Reader

Price: FreeWorks on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android devicesAge: 5 and underWhat’s it about?For your little one to learn about “sight words” through word puzzles using cute-looking characters, this app is clearly helpful and handy. By sight words, we mean words that create an image in the minds of the viewers will have related animations inbuilt. For example, words like “up” show the scrolling of the screen going on top towards a sky-like picture.


10. Monkey Word School Adventure

Price: FreeWorks on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android devicesAge: 5 and under, Can be shared with kids up till 7 yearsWhat’s it about?This is a fun game with levels getting difficult, every time, kids surpass each phase through learning about letters, sight words, spellings and phonics with rewards inbuilt in the app too.


The parents must take care to not to let the kids stay involved into playing these games for more than an hour on a daily basis. Also, it is preferable to sit with them as they access these apps and check with them what all have they been learning by using these apps.