Toddler or Teen? Same difference

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Just this evening, my son told me he wanted French fries for dinner. When I said we were having sweet potatoes not normal potatoes, he screamed “No” and ran into the bedroom and shut the door in anger. How old do you think my son is? He could be a teen, but he’s actually only 3. Here are so many (not so) fun similarities between a toddler and a teen –
  1. Independent streaks - Your toddler wants to make sure he’s in control. So he decides his clothes, food, books he wants to read, everything. Much like a teen, who wants to drive by himself to meet his friends, or have junk food for all meals. At every age, children are learning to asset their opinions and choices and this is a good thing. It paves way for their individuality in adulthood.
  2. Massive mood swings – They’re both ruled by their emotions. While it’s almost expected in toddler-hood, it’s sometimes baffling to parents when teens pull this behavior on them. But the same lack of self-control exhibits itself in kids and adolescents alike.
  3. Mini-egoists - Toddlers and teens think that the world revolves around them and often deal with it badly when they discover that it actually does not. For the former, it’s a matter of perspective while for the latter, it’s more of refusing to accept another’s perspective. They manifest in exact same ways – self-centeredness.
  4. From 100-0 in 2 minutes flat – They can wind down from talking a mile a minute to snoozing in 2 minutes flat. They can but that doesn’t mean they will. They have a tendency to sleep like they’re hibernating, recharge from 10 minute power naps and a lot more that contribute to parents’ headache. Don’t fret if they sleep too much – this is when their brains are developing.
  5. Rebel-lion – Fighting the system comes naturally to both toddlers and teens. While they need their boundaries to feel safe, they’re going to rebel simply to make a point. They court danger. Turn your back on your toddler for one second and he’s playing Superman jumping from tables. Teenagers – well they drive fast, crave thrills and more.
It’s rightly said that toddler-hood and early teenage are the two most difficult phases for a parent to deal with a child. The good thing is that passes rather soon. For everything else, parents, there’s wine.Image source: via Google Images