Toddler asking the same question over and over again? Here’s why he’s doing it

Children are delightful little creatures, but they can be extremely annoying sometimes. It’s especially annoying when they won’t stop asking questions. It’s like your cute little toddler just decides to act up one day and ask an endless loop of questions that never stop. But as much as it irritates you, please understand that there is a good developmental reason why he is doing this.

Young children are naturally curious and this curiosity should be encouraged. As part of their development, they repeat questions, and this helps them work on their speech development as well as physical and intellectual development. 

To you it may feel like your child is not listening, or he is slow, but what is happening here is, your child is beginning to use his powers of speech and comprehension together to process information. Different parts of his brain are processing information, so yes, your child needs a little extra time to get a grip on it.  

So how do you deal with the continuous questions? The most important thing is not to show irritation or shut up. Engage more with your child’s question. When he asks you, “What is that?” and you reply it’s a lamp, he doesn’t immediately know what a lamp is. He may have never heard the word before. So he needs some time to remember it. But if you make associations with it, telling him that it is a lamp and it gives light to the room and then ask him to say lamp and light after you, there is a good chance that he will remember it as well as learn to say it. 

This might need you to be more focused on what your child is saying rather than rushing through conversation with him because you are doing something else. We all do that. We all talk to our children while doing something else, but don’t realise that in doing so, we are missing precious milestones in their developmental process. Especially because this stage of repeating questions lasts a very small while. By the time your child is about five, he should not be doing this. If he is, talk to your pediatrician. 

So don’t start losing your head because this is the eighth time your child has pointed at a vase and asked you what it is. He is doing this as a natural way to grow his speech, cognition and processing abilities. Take some time out and engage him. You will miss it when it stops. 

Feature Image Source: Parents Magzine