To Pump or not to Pump

Welcome new mommy into the world of parenting, where there are so many decisions you make for the well-being of your little bundle of joy. One of the most crucial one is the breastfeeding journey with your baby. For some the journey is a breeze from the first magical moment the baby latches on till the baby weans, but for some it can be a struggle for multiple reasons.  The ever so versatile breast-pump to the rescue, for all the mommas struggling or not, it facilitates the breastfeeding journey and ensures that your baby receives the precious liquid gold.[caption id="attachment_86182" align="aligncenter" width="300"] [text_image_affiliate img_src="" link="" link_text="Click here to Buy this Manual Breast Pump"] [/caption] There are varied reasons why a new mother would decide to use a breast-pump, lets take a look at why the breast pump is such a wonderful innovation and a godsend at times.
  • If you have a premature or a sick infant who is unable to nurse as they are too weak to suckle and need to be placed in a NICU for couple of weeks to gain strength.  A pump will provide breast stimulation to increase and maintain a sufficient supply of milk and also avoid painful engorgement for the mother.
  • Mothers with flat or inverted nipples can have trouble trying to get baby to latch on properly. By pumping a little before a feed, a mother can draw out her nipple so that baby can nurse more easily and they can also pump and store so the baby may be fed using a bottle in case the baby is having too much trouble latching on. Some mothers also use nipple shields/formers or pullers to draw out the nipples.
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  • New mothers returning to work after the 3 or 6-month-1 year (lucky you) maternity leave who are exclusively breastfeeding their little nursling, and would like to pump and store milk to be used while they are away at work.  A mother can create a stash or an emergency supply beforehand and freeze it in [text_affiliate link="" link_text="breastfeeding safe storage bags or containers,"] which can be thawed and used as and when required by the baby.
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  • Pumping also helps those babies who are unable to latch-on due to a birth defect like a clip lip or palate or a tongue tie, expressing or pumping milk is the only way for them to receive breastmilk for the nutrition and growth if you chose to not give infant formula that is.
  • For all the breast-milk advocates who would like to avoid supplementing with infant formula, pumping is the way to go to ensure that your child only receives nature provided nutrition, even when they are apart or just so the mom can catch a breather while another family member like the dad or grandparents take care of the baby. Great way to bond with the baby as well and be recognized as a caregiver by the baby other than the mom.
  • Pumping can be a boon for a mother of twins or other multiple babies, the babies can the breastfed without the mom having to spend all her time nursing.  Kudos to moms who are exclusively breastfeeding multiples.
  • While some moms maybe struggling to keep up their milk supply there are some fortunate mommas who are blessed with oversupply (they may not see it that way). Pumping allows these moms to either donate the precious breastmilk to a milk bank or to be given to another mom struggling to breastfeed her baby due to illness or to parents who have adopted a baby and are keen on providing breastmilk.
For whatever reason you may choose to use a breast-pump, it is all for the greater good of nurturing the apple of your eye. So lets get that pump out!!!