Tips to Improve your Child’s Memorization Skills (Part 2 of 2)

Improve memorization- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Last week we explored 5 easy techniques to improve memory in children. This week we continue with the second and final part of this topic.Make it a song : Making lists into a song has been another popular way of remembering things. Each of us has our favourite tunes and adding a tune to that tough chemistry formula might be just the thing you need to remember it !Associate a story : Associations strengthen the connections that the mind makes with a concept. Therefore while learning something, make a story out of it. This will help one remember the entire sequence.Mnemonics : This is a tool by which we make a word from the first letter of the list we need to remember. E.g. Colours of the rainbow: VIBGYORVisualize it : Drawing out what you need to remember is a great way to map it in your brain. Adding the visual image to the text enables your brain make better connections to the concept. Don't try to make the drawing pretty or perfect. Just draw it legibly enough for you to understand it and commit to memory. It could also double up on your flash card for a quick glance to remember the whole thing.VisualizeLast but not least, get a good night sleep before your exam. Your brain will function better when it is rested and cramming too much too late will only tire it out. So implement these memorization techniques, study consistently, periodically and kiss those exam heebie-jeebies good bye!