Tips to Improve your Child’s Memorization Skills (Part 1 of 2)

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Most of us remember our nightmarish exam days with relief, since we don't have to go through it again. Some of us get nightmares even today about being late for the exam or forgetting to study that last chapter in Physics !!  However, if you think those days are gone¦ Think again!! We will have to relive atleast some of the stress along with our kids. :) But let's see how we can make it easier for them to remember what they study.Teach it to somebody : The oldest trick in the book! As you can see in the learning pyramid below, the ability to retain information by the brain is maximum when you teach it to somebody. So find somebody whom you can teach the concept to, or even pretend you are a teacher in front of a class explaining it to that teddy bear or rag doll in your room ! It will really help clarify and strengthen the concept in your head.TeachingRead it out loud : Silent reading is what most of us do. But, research has shown that comprehension levels are significantly higher when students read passages aloud, as opposed to silently. Saying something out loud also echoes in the mind a little longer helping you to remember the content better.Rhyming : Some things are easy to memorize when they are in the form of a Rhyme. E.g.To remember which months of the year have 30 days ,  30 days has September, April June and November  is a rhyme which children are taught.Acrostics: This is the tool wherein we  create a sentence with the first letter of the list that we need to remember E.g. To learn the metric system in order, "King Henry Drinks Much Dark Chocolate Milk" (Kilometre, Hectometre, Decametre, Metre, Decimetre, Centimetre, Millimetre).Flashcards: Flash cards are an important memorization tool for students. Textbooks today are bulky and repeatedly reading through entire chapters is very difficult. Once students make flash cards of important points that they need to remember, they can just go back to them and revise them to commit them to long term memory.Flash cardsClick here to read Part 2 of this article.