It’s time to get REAL about sex after menopause!

Whether you are experiencing it already or are in the thick of it, every woman is definitely curious about what menopause is actually like. And more so about the ‘changes’ it will bring in their sex life. So, forget all that you heard or assumed all this while and get set to face the truth. Here’s what sex after menopause will really be like.

1.     There’s no such thing as ‘shriveling’

Your vagina is bound to undergo a few changes during and after menopause- the first one being, it is not going to look like a prune. This is because during menopause the estrogen levels take a dip, which most of the time leads to changes that goes unnoticed. Or in other words, there is no shriveling.

2.     Lubricants can be your best friend

Dry spells after menopause are very common. The hormonal imbalance can leave your vagina dry and sore. So, don’t shy away from investing in a good lube.

3.     Your body image can decline

The changes that happen during menopause are not just physical, but mental as well. Most women suffer from lower self-esteem and confidence after menopause. It also changes the way women think about their bodies and sexuality, thereby affecting the sex life. What can you do about it? Try little things like sexy music, more fore play and maybe a good ambience.

4.     You are still at risk for STDs

Menopause does not mean you are not at the risk of STDs anymore. In fact, they also don’t feel the need to use condoms anymore. However, this is not true. Although you may not be worried about pregnancy, there is an increased risk of HIV among women above 50. After all, fifty is not the new 20. So just embrace it and enjoy everything that it brings along.

5.    Your sex drive might fluctuate

Menopause brings with it mood swings, hormonal imbalance and a decreased sex drive. Dry spells are common among women who have undergone menopause. However, a few others also experience an increased sex drive, due to a burst in adrenalin. Whatever, it is, hang in there and go with the flow.

6.    You enjoy more intimacy

Watch out, we are not referring to increased ‘sex’. Women prefer cuddling up, more foreplay, hugs, kisses and caresses, after menopause. Penetration is not the core thing anymore. So, men, start off with gentle kisses, hugs, hand holding, whispering sweet nothings and you are sure to get there very soon.

7.     Your vaginal walls become thin

Blame it all on the estrogen level, your vaginal walls become thinner than before. This means more painful sex and the dry spells only make it worse. However, talk to your doctor for estrogen creams and therapies.

8.   Your sex life won’t change dramatically

And after all this, here’s some good news. Women who have had a good sex life pre-menopause, are likely to maintain the same even after menopause. So, there’s nothing much to shed tears about.

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