This Women’s Day, Take Your Place at the (Work) Table!

Whether women can have it all is question everyone’s been trying to answer for many years. Indira Nooyi says no and many others struggle trying to prove her wrong. Inching closer to the goal is JobsForHer.On International Women’s Day, JobsForHer is launching pan-India operations with a mega Diversity Drive to bridge this gap and help Indian women come back to the careers that fulfilled them before life asked them to step away.JobsForHer is an online portal to enable women to restart their careers post life events such as marriage, motherhood, elderly-care, etc. This means that our talent pool comprises mostly of women who had stepped away in the middle of their career trajectory to place their family’s needs above theirs. The portal has job openings in full-time, part-time, work-from-home, freelance and returnee-internship positions, in companies such as Aditya Birla Group, Citibank, Cisco, GE, Godrej Group, Narayana Health, Target, Unilever, Zomato, and many more.These women, the ones who stepped away from the professional, working lives that fulfilled them, to provide for their children and elderly, are now ready to return to the workforce, with companies that are happily hiring them because of the wealth of experience that they bring to the table, along with the new-found dedication that their personal journeys have instilled in them.And the team which is making it happen is an all-women team, driven by our founder Neha Bagaria, a Finance graduate from Wharton and a mother-of-two who restarted her own career after 3.5 years.


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This International Women’s Day, some of India’s biggest companies are joining hands with JobsForHer in one massive diversity drive cross-country, for one whole week (March 7th - March 11th).  These companies are throwing open their doors to career-break women, to meet and assess them for open positions within their organizations.Some of the companies participating in JobsForHer’s Diversity Drive, March 2016 are: So, Ladies brace yourselves, join this mega Diversity Drive and get set re-start your career.