This pink card could save your life if you are a woman in a cab!

It is post 8.30 pm and you are travelling alone in the dark in a taxi. As the cold wind hits your face, you remind yourself of how long your journey home is. The thought scares you. Suddenly the taxi driver, stops and asks you for Rs.125  in cash right away. Why? Toll booth. Will that come out of your pocket or should the cab service have added it to the estimate they provided you with to your destination?

If you live in Bengaluru, you have probably encountered this when returning from the airport. Taxi drivers, who often speak exclusively Kannada, have a hard time explaining the rules and tend to get loud and exasperated. If it is late at night and you are travelling alone, you are burdened with a sense of being beholden to the taxi to get you to your home safely.

To avoid these, the Bengaluru Airport or the Kempegowda International Airport has a neat trick. The outsourced agency that provides taxies and parking to the airport is additionally asked to ensure single woman traveller’s safety at night. They have 6/7executives waiting at the arrival lounge and spot women travellers post 8.30 pm. They hand over a small pink card that has a comforting message saying “we care for your safety” written next to “Women Travelling Alone.” They ensure that the traveller gets a cab quickly and escort them to the cab.

The pink card provides a 24*7 helpline number of the duty manager of ground transport. We tried the number and a very professional but courteous Mr. Sayeed answered our call.

He spoke about this service having been around for a couple of months and a number of women passengers having called asking for them to resolve debates with the cabbie regarding charging excess amount, toll charges or clarification regarding routes.

Here are the rights that the list provided that are extremely important if you are travelling alone.

1. Your taxi fare is regulated by the State Transport Authority. You have the right to ask your driver to show you the government notification on these fares. Please note that service taxes will be applicable.

2. You are entitled to a non-stop journey to your destination

3. You have the right to ask the driver to drive carefully

4. For your safety all taxis are GPS enabled

5. Your driver has an official ID card issued by the Police department

6. All parking/ toll charges are to be borne by the passenger.


Take a look at these pictures of the pink card.