This is what little Nitara thinks about her mommy Twinkle Khanna!

You might hold a big designation outside, but to your little one you are his/her mother, with no other label attached. And this is how all kids look at us moms, even when it comes to celebrities.

Writer, actress and mommy Twinkle Khanna was secretly observed by her little daughter and the things that Nitara made note of in her tiny mind took us by a pleasant surprise. From packing her lunch perfectly to feeling her mommy is 60 years old, this is what Twinkle’s little princess revealed on her activity sheet.

According to Nitara:

Twinkle is 60 years old and is always spotted with her laptop. Think that is rude? Hang on! The little girl also said her mother is really good at making coffee and loves to eat spaghetti.

2. Twinkle also received one of the biggest compliments a mother can get from her kid. Nitara says her mommy is super as she manages the house very well and is also awesome at packing her tiffin. Now, for a celebrity to take time out to do all of these is definitely something remarkable. Impressive, Mrs Funnybones!

So mommies, one thing you must take away from this is that kids emulate us and we need to watch every step we take, especially when the little ones are around.

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