This is what happens to moms after they stop breastfeeding!

Good times gallop away overnight! Remember those days when you struggled hard to figure out if your little one was latching right or fed enough? Well, breastfeeding is a bittersweet experience for most women and even before we realise, the journey also comes to an end. While weaning takes a toll on kids, it sure is an emotional and physical struggle for moms too.

We are sure you know all the good things that come with breastfeeding – be it nourishing your little bundle or burning those post pregnancy calories just as you feed. However, did you know what happens once you stop breastfeeding? Well, turns out not many moms are aware of this.

Here’s what mothers go through after weaning their babies!

1. Mood swings

Thought mood swings were reserved only for periods and pregnancy? Well, turns out not! Women go through a tornado of emotions while weaning their kid. Some mothers feel irritable, anxious and also have emotional outbursts. However, this is mainly because of the fluctuating levels of prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin helps the mom feel calm and relaxed while oxytocin is a happy hormone. And when you stop breastfeeding, the levels of these hormones drop, thereby leading to mood changes.

However, gradual weaning helps the body gradually get used to the hormonal change, minimising mood swings.

2. It can take a while for the supply to stop

It’s not uncommon for mothers who have stopped breastfeeding to leak now and then. In fact, if you weaned your child when he was feeding more often, your breasts are going to take longer to stop the supply. This is simply because the more you feed, the more your breasts produce milk. So be prepared to put on those breast pads for a few weeks or even months after you have weaned.

3. Your supply might go on a roller coaster ride

Even after weaning, your breasts will continue to produce the same amount of milk they produced earlier. However, when you wean gradually, your body understands the process and thereby minimises the risk of engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis. Whereas the more suddenly weaning occurs, the more likely you are to experience engorgement, blocked ducts or mastitis.

4. Your menstrual cycle starts

For many moms, their period cycle stops when they are exclusively breastfeeding. In fact, there is a well-accepted form of birth control known as the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method. However, this does not mean they cannot conceive while breastfeeding. When breastfeeding stops, it is likely that the cycle gets regularised.

5. Your breasts get back in shape

Once you stop breastfeeding your milk making cells shrink in size, and you gradually begin to fit back into your pre pregnancy bras. Feels good? Yes, while you might shed all the fat around your waist and thighs, your breasts go back to their original shape only after you stop breastfeeding.  

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