THIS is the reason why men are not allowed in these temples!

There has been a lot of hustle and bustle on how and why women have been barred entry into many famous temples. India, being a country where religious beliefs are at its peak, holy places such as Shani Shingnapur, Sabarmila or Ayyappa temple prohibited women from entering the premises until they crossed a certain age.

However, the Bombay high court spoke in favour of women and passed a law that they cannot be barred from Shani Shingnapur as it was their fundamental right. Well, while this is something about women, men are not spared either!

Did you know there are a few temples and rituals which are a big ‘No’ for men? However, we are not sure if this will see the court room too.

For now, here are 6 temples which do not let men enter (at least on select days).

1. Attukal Temple

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Located in Kerala, the Attukal temple is famous for its Pongal festival. A 10-day-long festival, the temple witnesses the largest gathering of women for a ritual reason and has also made it to the Guinness Book of World Record for the same.

 2. Chakkulathukavu Temple 

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Yet another temple located the Kerala, the Chakkulathukavu Temple  is dedicated to goddess Bhagavathi. The temple also follows a particular annual ritual on the first Friday of every December called the ‘Naari Puja’. On this day, the temple priest washes the feet of women who have fasted for 10 days.

3. Santoshi Maa ‘Vrat’

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Like the name suggests, the Vrat is followed by women. It demands that married or unmarried women don’t eat sour fruits or pickles on this day. Although men are allowed to enter the temple, they do not follow the Vrat.

4. The temple of Lord Brahma 

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The Brahma temple at Pushkar dates back to the 14th century. The temple also prohibits married men from entering the premises once in a year, during Kartik Poornima of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik, when a religious festival is held in the honour of Lord Brahma.

 5. The Bhagati Maa temple 

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This is temple in Kanya Kumari, where Maa Parvati went on a tapasya all alone, in the middle of an ocean. She did this in order to marry Lord Shiva. So, only women are allowed entry into this temple. Also, Kanya Maa Bhagawati Durga is worshiped only by women.

6. The Mata temple

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In a Muzaffarpur Bihar, there is a Mata temple which permits only women inside, during a special period. In fact even the Pujari is not allowed to enter the premises.

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