This is the mantra Sushmita Sen, Malaika and Karisma follow to discipline their kids! (You can try it too)

There’s a thing about moms- the compulsive need to discipline their little ones! And we are not saying it’s wrong in any way. After all every mommy wants her kid to be well-mannered! But did you know this holds true even for our Bollywood mommies?

Yes, celebrity moms are no different than us when it comes to bringing up their kids. In fact, a few of them are strict disciplinarians and have framed timetables and rules that their kids follow. While Madhuri is particular about her kids brushing twice a day, Michelle Obama always believes in limited screen time. And they are not the only ones. Here’s a look at celebrity mommies who are strict disciplinarians.

Madhuri Dixit

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Mommy to two handsome boys, Madhuri is particular about her sons’ health. She is also particular about their hygiene and does not let them go to bed before brushing their teeth. “There is one thing that I am really strict about and that is (making sure that they are) brushing teeth twice a day. No matter how tired they are or how late they arrive after attending birthday parties, I make sure that they brush their teeth.”, says the actress.

Karisma Kapoor

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Karisma admits she is a strict mommy. The gorgeous mommy makes sure her kids play outdoors and also closely monitors their screen time. Everything is good only in moderation is this mommy’s mantra.


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While this mommy can flaunt her swimsuit along with her daughter and even pose for selfies, she also has a side to her, not many know of. Kajol is a dictator when it comes to disciplining her kids and also believes that it is important to be strict so that her kids are disciplined.

Sushmita Sen

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Sushmita likes it all clean and organised and had to be strict to discipline her daughters. However, the actress admits she has mellowed down with time. In fact, in a recent interview she said : “'I started off being a pretty strict mom but I find myself easing off, because now I'm not trying to figure Renee out; she tells me. She had a very strict itinerary because it was the only way to get her to understand discipline.”

Malaika Arora

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A fitness freak, Malaika is very particular when it comes to eating right. Mommy dearest ensures she serves her boys every 3-4 hours to avoid snacking on junk. That said, she also lets them indulge in their favourites once in a while, but is very particular they eat from a hygienic place.

Sonali Bendre

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Sonali also joins the bandwagon of moms who are strict. A mother who firmly disagrees with the term ‘full-time mother’, Sonali believes being a mom is a full-time job, whether or not you have a career. That said, she also admits that people around her pamper Ranvir enough, so she often ends up playing the disciplinarian.

Victoria Beckham

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Victoria is a firm believer of a basic routine. In fact her kids have a timetable to follow on a daily basis, so they do their homework and go to bed on time. She also has a punishment chair on which her kids sit and ponder, if they make a mistake. Now, that’s some really strict upbringing right!

Michelle Obama

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Even while running a country, Michelle managed to have a close watch on her girls. The girls have limited television and screen time—none during the week unless it's school-related. And when they are doing something school-related on the computer, mommy dearest is always around to double check. Now you know the Obamas are famous

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